August Mastectomy

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is having a mastectomy soon? I am booked in for the 24th August and I am really quite worried/scared about it all. The op itself, how I am gonna feel when I wake up and days later when I see what has been done. It’s all just a big rollercoaster.

Thanks for any replies


I hope some other ladies join up with you as a support group. In the meantime be assured that you are feeling exactly like we all did in the run up to the op. I had a bilateral mastectomy in December and here I am fit and well and coping fine. Hopefully your medication will deal with initial pain. Mine did very well. Your first look will probably be a bit traumatic but you adjust eventually and when you consider the alternative it helps. I am sure there will be a lot of support from everyone in the team dealing with you. In the meantime good luck with everything.

hi, I have had 25mm lump removed in may. i return to consultant on thursday. i have decided to have bilateral mast and ovaries removed. i took a holiday to dedcide. while i was away a friend who had her lump removed, has now developed ovanrian and bladder cancer, she’s 39.
pain v’s life gain…
good luck for your op. i will be thinking of you.

I am having a mastectomy and reconstruction this Friday. I think I am more worried about the length of the operation at the moment and how long I have to stay in hospital - I am a terrible patient. I have three grade 1 tumours, 27mm, 11mm and 10mm respectively. Was supposed to get SNB results today, but they are not back yet, and will get them tomorrow. Hoping for clear lymph nodes

You are right about it being as rollercoater. Just taking one day at a time helps me.

just an update, results finally came back today, and lymph nodes clear!!. So happy, I have just got to get through operation now.

Hi#I’m having bilateral mastectomies and node clearance on 29th Sep so a few weeks yet. I have my last chemo tomorrow. Had WLE in March but having mx due to all ten ladoes on Mum’s side of family having BC before age 45. Would love to have a support network so we can hold hands and share experiences

Rachel x

I am having mx and node clearance in next few weeks. Would be gratefulnfor any advice.
X sarah

Hi all hope you are all as well as can be!!!
I’m on countdown to Wednesday now and I gotta say I’m not doing very well, really low ;0(
I can’t have immediate recon incase I need further treatment. I am dreading the op, I have only ever had a tooth out before!!! Keep trying to not look too far ahead but it is difficult. Just can’t wait to have recon whenever that may be.

Dizzy thats great news about your lymph nodes, Good Luck for your op on Friday.

I’ll hold hands with anyone, we all need as much support as we can get

Hi all
I’m booked for 19th sept.Thought I was going to have a lumpectomy but looks like they’ve found my lobular cancer has another focus point so I think a mastectomy is the safest option.I’m just not sure about the reconstruction immediate or wait?
Hope dizzycloud is feeling ok tonight after her surgery today.
Good luck to all due before mine.
It feels good having others to speak to.

Hi all

I’ve already had my right mastectomy done on the 1st of august and can honestly say it didnt hurt or look half as bad as i had imagined! i spend 2 days in hospital and rested for about another five days at home. Im only 29 and expected to be in pieces when i first seen it but the cut is very neat and has healed really well. i was given a sick note till the end of august to rest but with a one year old thats been impossible :slight_smile: make sure you take in loose fitting nightwear into hospital as it is a nightmare to lift your arm in the first week. also i wished i had organised my wardrobe better in preparation as things like circle/straight neck tops are so much more flattering to wear after you have had a mastectomy. i have found v neck tops are a no go also any tops which are quite gappy at the front arent to flattering either. Just wished id have chosen to have double mastectomy as already had 3 operations on my right side and will need chemo and radio soon , and as if i dont have enough to deal with i have now had a lump in my left breast! waiting to have a ultrasound done … and so the worrying continues. wishing you all good luck in your operations, feel free to ask any questions x

Hi Geanie
thanks for your post-it’s really helpful and the clothes tips too. I went shopping today and bought some lovely tunic tops and leggings for post op chic, and have been looking at bras with my mum who has also had bilateral mx 38 years ago. She says the same as you, that you can still look stylish, you just have to make adjustments. She gets her bras from Amoena, and they are just so soft and comfy I think I will too, though they can be quite pricey. I’m glad to hear you are doing so well and hope it continues to go well for you. Will keep in touch with your progress on here.
Rachel x

First time i have EVER joined a forum for anything, but have found it so helpful to be able to follow other people discussing things relevant to me that I think I need to take the plunge! I’m booked in for right MX on Monday 22nd - two days time. Feeling sort of ok about it most of the time but not so sure how I will be afterwards. Its been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far with slight misinformation and misdiagnosis but I have DCIS which, so far at least, has not spread to nodes. So, good in the scheme of BC, but still pretty hard for a completely healthy 39 year old mum with two small children. Have opted for delayed reconstruction as its possible that I may need further treatment after the MX - am trying to deal with one thing at a time and find this helps rather than thinking too far ahead. Thanks for the info re clothes etc this is really helpful. Wishing all the August MX ladies all the best, and hope we all have/have had a speedy recovery. I’ll let you know how it goes. x

Good luck Northaw for monday .Sounds like you’ve got a very positive spirit and I feel same as you at the moment but mine is a few weeks away.Look forward to your later postings

Hi northaw sorry you had to join us. I am having left side mx on weds. I was meant to have it last week but it was my birthday!!. I am 31 now boo hoo! I really don’t know how I am going to walk through the hospital doors to be honest. It’s not the op that I am worried too much about it’s the afterwards. Just going to feel so strange. I too cannot have immediate recon. I just feel so mixed up about everything and that I havent spoke to oncologist/surgeon about all possibilites. I probably have but I am just in denial and really dont want this to be happening. I have found comfort in this forum though X

And all the best for Monday X

Good luck Northaw and Flutterby-will be thinking of you both this week and wishing you speedy recoveries. I’m getting my head around it all a bit now and wish in some ways it was over with so i could move on. But at the mo I’m feeling really rough after last chemo session and will be so glad just to feel okay again before the op.

Love to everyone
Rachel x

Hi again

Don’t think I mentioned my mum. We are all quite young on here I think from reading your posts. I’m 40 so probably one of the oldest. Anyway, my mum was 29 when she first had BC and then had it again at 34. She had two mastectomies and has never looked back-and is still here and a wonderful support to me and my girls 38 years later.
Rachel x

Good luck, girls, this week!

Had mastectomy and 14 nodes removed three weeks ago, and feel really pretty good right now. Yes, a bit sore afterwards - but not on the scar site, more the arm with quite restrictive movement for a couple of weeks. However, have now resumed most activities (sadly including hoovering) and even managed a 5km run yesterday (with a softie… not even pinned in place, so did have visions of losing it over my left shoulder… but then who am I kidding? I don’t run that fast, more of a stumble…).

Am also 39, two kids (6 & 8) who have been fab in quite a ghoulish, can we see your scar, kind of way. Grade 2, multi focal IDC. No nodes, but vascular invasion, so will be embarking on chemo next month. Delayed recon as rads likely.

Best of luck to you both. Take it easy for the first week, and you’ll bounce back quickly, I’m sure. xxx

Thanks Fitzimum-I found your post very reassuring xx

Yes thanks fitzimum, Wow so you managed to do 5km run!!! Well done you!! I was wondering about exercise as I really need to get in shape and going through all this has made me want to do something about it. EEEEEK getting butterflies now 2 more sleeps ;0(