August Radiotherapy 2017



Just starting a new thread for those of you commencing rads in August and the ladies who are completing it then who will be able to give you support.


Helena xx

Thanks ladybowler! My first session is 9th August,  getting bored of the waiting and just want to get it over and done with! 

Started radiotherapy on Wednesday 26.7.17.   I’ve had 3 treatments so far, now Sunday so 2 days off, and wasn’t expecting to feel any effects until much later into the total of 20 treatments but my boob already feels slightly itchy on occasion and I noticed yesterday when moisturising that there seems to be a spot that feels like it has hardened. I’m 62 and had a right side WLE 10 weeks ago to remove an invasive 1.9 cm lump.  Boobs are on the small side.  Started taking anastrazole 5 weeks ago.   Just hoping things settle down and the boob doesn’t react badly to the radiotherapy.

I am seeing my surgeon on 7th August when, hopefully, I will be referred to the Oncologist who will get radiotherapy planned, so will be starting in August.  Fingers crossed the SLNB are negative so I don’t have to undergo more surgery, which will delay Oncologist referral.  


Like you eggster I just want to get it over with.  I want (and need) to get back to work asap and my employer won’t let me start a phased return until the biopsy results are known.  I am very bored!


Thanks Helena for starting this thread.





Some of us live in the past, always talking about back then. Some of us live in the future, always planning what we are going to do. And, then there are those, who neither look behind or ahead, but just enjoy the moment of right now

Thanks! I will do a little dance when I hear them!  Its just really hard to plan anything when you dont know how you are going to be feeling at any point in time.


I thought it was bad enough when I realised one of the days was a bank holiday! 

starting on august 7th, look forward to hearing how everyone gets on!  Best wishes, as ever …

Thank you, Helena, for starting this thread for us. I’m all measured and tattooed and have the first of 20 sessions on Saturday 12 August. 15 to breast and sub clavicle, then 5 just to the breast. The sub clavicle was a bit of a surprise as it was never mentioned before, but if that’s what’s advised I’ll go with it. My consultant warned me about itchy skin, and a hard and a heavy  breast! O joy?. The plus side of course is that they are used to all the side effects, and my consultant assured me they will all be managed. Isn’t the NHS just wonderful? A big hello to all my rads buddies. Onwards and upwards, ladies. ? X

Thanks for this thread. I start on mon 14 August, that’s the day we return from holiday. I’m not impatient to get started- I want my scars to heal as well as possible and I wasn’t cancelling the much needed holiday.
As they had to take the areola/nipple away, I have a grisotti flap - I have a scar which looks like a dressmaking dart, which leads up from bra band under arm up to a new circle of skin/tissue which can eventually be tattooed.
I have a homeopathic remedy to take after each treatment to help with side effects.
I am still feeling fatigued after the surgery ( mid June).

Morning everyone

Well that’s session 8 of 15 done. I’m over halfway through treatment. Yippee!!

Had a review with the rad team this morning and they’re very pleased with how it is going. Skin is in excellent condition apparently. Using Aveeno cream so that obviously works.

Keep out of the rain and have a good day.

Liz xx

Hi Basia,

Mine was left sided too! I had a Ct scan at my planning and I was told I would be called back if I need breath holding practice. All was obviously ok and my chest wall must have been far enough away from my heart as I have just come home after number 12!

My friend has to breath hold though and is coping well!

Good Luck xx

Hi Basia, I am haivng breath holding as well.  I found it easier than I had thought at the planning scan.  I get a snazzy pair of sunglasses to wear with a screen showing me when my breath is deep enough to hold.  Just waiting to start now - 21st is my start date.


Hi all! Mine is on the right, so no breath holding,  my surgeon said for some reason it is more common on the left than the right.  


I am due to have my first session tomorrow,  thankfully I just noticed I am supposed to be there half an hour before the appointment time! I thought I would treat myself tonight to scampi and chips and a bar of chocolate.  The other half is at the Great British beer festival,  I am just about to start on pint of water number 4!

Hello Ladies!


This is my first time on here but I’ve been reading lots of posts which have been really helpful and encouraging. What a lovely lot you are!


Anyway, thankfully I’ve not had Chemo (had Oncotype DX score of 19 so decided against it) so straight to Radio Gaga…

Also need to use DBHT as on left side and had two CT scans yesterday - one breathing normally and the second breath hold. I stuffed it up the first time and now I’m worried that my heart got a dose. The nurse said I did fine but I am worried. Has anyone else had this experience?


I’m still a bit confused about best deodorant to use. I have looked into Pitroc and Bionsen but not sure which is best, or you may have other recommendations?


The end seems a long way off. I won’t be starting until 22 Aug and finish on 26 Sept but I will be following you all in the meantime and sending you my very best wishes…





I have just done 2 days out of the 15. So far so good although I was shattered last night. Ive invested in some aloe vera mosituriser from Holland & Barrett. So pleased to have subscribed to BCC!

One down 17 to go, ok, but a bit itchy (but I was before I went oddly!) just put some aloe vera on.


I am using pitrok which seems ok. 


I was told not to use aveno today, but just e45. I am drinking like a fish! 



Thanks so much for your replies!


I’ve had so much love and support from my partner, family and friends but there’s nothing like sharing this experience with others who are going through it at the same time. Plus getting reassurance from women who really understand what it’s like. 


Good luck for Saturday Annie. I’ll be thinking of you. 


I too too am so pleased I’ve joined BCC!





Hi. I hope everyone is doing ok. I was told it was too early for my itching to be from the radiotherapy (!) They think I had a reaction to the e45, so told me to use aloe vera and aveeno.  Off I went to boots, they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on aloe vera gel and 2 for £10 on aveeno if anyone needs to stock up! 

Week 1 done for me and so far, apart from tiredness in the evening no other differences. I am using the Dr Organic Aloe Vera cream and drinking loads of water. Two more weeks to go. The staff are lovely at the Royal marsden in Sutton and I am keeping a record of the tracks that are played during my sessions-never know, might use them as a playlist at some point! Best wishes to everyone else

Hi everyone 


It’s so good to hear how everyone is getting on and your helpful updates (Anniej - E45 who knew?! And thanks for update re deodorant).


Sending my love and bestest wishes to you all!





Sending good eushes to all.
How are people finding the anastrazole, during radiotherapy? My surgeon and breastcare nurse ( where I had the diagnosis and surgery) advised starting it after radio was complete (to cope with one new thing at a time). However the radiotherapy oncologist ( at a different hospital) thought j would start soon. I’m going to wait .
I’ve had one session and much tingling in the breast afterwards. The reconstruction involved moving breast tissue around so it’s v sensitive anyway. Slight redness of the skin. And hot flushes.