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i was diagnosed with secondaries in my lungs in Feb 2014. I had 7 weeks of weekly paclitaxol but no response I was then on letrozole for 9 months although a liver lesion appeared at my 6 month scan. I was on cape for six months, three new liver lesions showed up. They put me back on tamoxifen although I was still taking tamoxifen when I was diagnosed with secondaries. So three months later my liver has progressed again, my bones and lungs are relatively stable. My liver is enlarged but liver function test was good. They are starting me on fulvestrant but have said if this doesn’t work they have ran out of options. Onc said as paclitaxol and capecitabine had failed no other chemo was likely to work and as I had failed in letrozole, exemastane was unlikely to work. I asked about the ee combo as everolimus has just been passed for use by the nhs in Scotland. He said He had no experience with everolimus other than from trials. I’ve been left a bit stunned as I thought I had a few options left to me. Anyone got any advice?


Dear Amalfi

Why has your onc told you that you have run out of options for treatments I just don’t know why he has said that. I was on Letrazole for 9 months before I had progression then I went on to Exemestane for a while because I did not have mets in my stomach organs the onc had to get authorisation to put me on Everolimus. I had 16 months of stable scans before it stopped working the 5th scan showed progression of 5 more mets. Now I am on Capecitabine which has proved very good for me but if that stops working I know there are other treatments to try and also trials.


Maybe you should consider asking for a second opion from another onc or discuss it with your GP. But Please don’t think there is nothing left.


Good luck (((hugs))) xxx

Hi amalfi…my oncologist has given me examastane.even though letrozole failed me.u had tamoxifen twelve years ago…i have bone .peritoneal and liver Mets.i hope it keeps me stable for a while …only just gone on it .xsharon

Hi Amalfi,
What about Eribulin? I have no experience of treatment with it but many ladies on the forum have. It is usually used for people who have tried many other treatments. It has recently been passed for use in NHS in Scotland. Also, if the only reason a doctor has for not prescribing a treatment which may be suitable is that he had no experience of it then that is a poor excuse. I think you should try to get a second opinion
Best wishes xxx.

Hello Amalfi


I have just started on a new drug called palbociclib, has been Tried and tested in USA, but not widley available here, your onc has to apply for it, putting your case together.  Ask your onc if you could benefit from it.


Good Luck