Avastin and acid reflux

here is one for the avastin ladies, I remember reading about this but it didn’t really register, Is acid reflux a symptom produced by avastin, this seems to be kicking in with a vengeance. Does anyone have tips on this?


I have it but just presumed it was my wonky liver!

Love Debsxxx

hmm hope its not the liver, it kicked in 2 or 3 days after my first avastin, i remember Gerry writing about it,…


going for my treatment on Friday will ask the other lady on it if she has it.

Love Debsxxx

Not on avastin as you know but yes I think it is.

Mind you I’ve been getting a few pangs on the taxol so could be that too


Hi Cathy

I have had trouble with acid reflux ever since first chemo after primary dx. However I did find it particularly bad when on taxol and avastin - took lansoprazole daily which controlled it most of the time. Still have some acid reflux now but not as frequently or as bad. Never did know whether it was the taxol or the avastin - my onc seemed to think it could be either (or both!)

Take care

K x.

My daughter had it too and she was given Omeprazole capsules … one 20mg per morning …which worked by cutting down on the acid in tum and also occasionally took Gaviscon Advance.

Hi Cathy
I have had awfol acid reflux since having FEC nearly 2 years ago and take omeprazole daily, it just about keeps things under control but I do live to regret it if I don’t.
Otherwise hope your treatment is going well
Best Wishes Kathryn

Hi Cathy, I seem to get bad heartburn-ey/indigestion thing on Avastin. It seems to be worse when lying down, and late at night, so I have stopped eating my dinner so late! I also take lanzaprazole - my doctor seems to think it will do no harm and could protect my GI tract, which is apparently something that can become damaged while on avastin.


thanks ladies, I am going to get something for this, probably some gaviscon, and then mention it on tuesdy, it better today but am due for next hit of avastin ,not somethingI ever had trouble with before,


I second Deirdre’s comment - mine isn’t too bad but for about a week after I am taking lanzaprazole and when necessary gaviscon. Mine is worst lying down but I get it with the weirdest things - bananas, porridge for example!


just got back from clinic and my friend does suffer and takes lanzaprazole as well. Erm maybe my liver isnt as bad after all!

Love Debsxxx