Is anybody here on Avastin?


You may not get many replies as I don’t think anyone recently has mentioned this drug so won’t be on it. A good few years ago it was suggested to me but wasn’t suitable because of an underlying heart condition. A long time ago (I’ve been on this forum over 10 years) a couple of ladies were prescribed it but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned these days, possibly to do with not being funded.

Nicky x


I must be honest I had to Google this one but I remember my friend in Oz had 4 treatments for her ascites. …like Nicky says I don’t think it’s on our chemo lists here in UK.
All the very best with the treatment and do keep in touch with us for support .

Actually, an afterthought. .maybe go into “going through treatment” threads and then chemo …you might just find a lady there having this regime.

Hi, another place to look would be on inspire.com, it’s an American site which I don’t go onto very often but they do tend to have more treatments on offer than we do. Best wishes, Kate x

I’ve had a look on inspire.com and there are several threads about Avastin, just type it in the box on the top right hand side saying ‘search all communities’ and about 7 or 8 threads drop down, there seems to be some very recent posts too. Hope you find some help there, Kate x