Aveeno cream?

I’ve read how wonderful Aveeno cream is, but looking online there are so many different ones. 


Which is the one I should buy, with tripple oats, shea butter, lotion or cream, would appreciate it if I could be pointed in the right direction please, I’m using Nivia and Alo vera at the moment, but would like the Aveeno as a stand by for when I start radiotherapy.

I use the one called Moisturising Creamy Oil, which isn’t an oil at all! I prefer the lotions to creams as they absorb quicker.

Are you having radiotherapy at the moment, or did you use it when you were having it.

I am using aveeno- both oil and cream depending on how I feel. I like them both. Pre radiotherapy, during and now I have eaten lots of nuts especially almonds as I read they are high in vitamin e and good for skin. I googled best food for skin and ate lots of that food plus gallons of water. So far 10 days since finish my skin is good. I’ve been slightly itchy, a bit a glow but no more- yet! Every day I wonder if this will be the day that my skin goes!
Good luck!

Couldn’t wait to get off E45 and use Aveeno lotion. It’s great and 9 rads sessions in I’m not really seeing any skin change either which is great x