Awaiting 1st year Mammo so fed up !!!

Hi All,

have today chased my 1st year post Dx mammo for the 5th time, was due beginning of last month, today i was told they cant “fit” me in till Feb/March (they had forgotten to request again) Was told it doesn’t matter if it is a cpl of months late either side (3 or 4 by my calculations) Well it does matter … to me :frowning: really wanted closure on the last year hopefully with a clear mammo. Worse part is that when i rang to chase today with the same Nurse Practioner that i spoke to last 4 times she then proceeded to ask me over phone what side, where was my scar & what type of Op did i have.

Trust in my care team…NOT.

Sorry ladies, need to rant as am so anxious & fed up.

Oh & then casually slipped into conversation that the treatment for my clot that i have from picc line needs a shunt fitted but i should weigh up pros & cons as will be a complicated Op that will require 2 ribs to be removed but to let them know soon as surgeon off on maternity leave… no pros or cons offered for me to think about so not sure what to do with that one :frowning:


It’s really awful waiting for that first post diagnosis mammo. Mine should have been October 2007 and I got shunted into the following January due to the pressure the clinic was under after the annual mobile screenings. It really scared me, although when I spoke to by Breast Care nurse she assured me the Consultants had taken a look at my notes and had decided it would be safe enough to wait until the Jan.I think because it’s the run up to Christmas you just want to know everything is OK. I was expecting to be discharged from the clinic last Tuesday, but the Surgeon I saw wants me to have an ultrasound on the scar. I already had one clinic appointment cancelled then rescheduled, so it’s like prolonging the agony of waiting to be told I’m disease free.

Hi Cherub,

its just so frustrating :frowning: thank you for replying.

Oh SarahBev it’s just one thing after another isn’t it? I know logically the delay won’t really matter but you’ve had so many things go on that I imagine this is really the last straw.

Their atttitude really seems to leave an awful lot to be desired so I think you have a perfect right to have a good old rant and complain - to them as well as us.

Sending hugs to you.

Jane xxx

Thank you Jane,

Am going to see Gp on Wednesday as if i am going to have to wait for a mammo i may as well wait for it under the care of a different hospital.


What a nightmare! How uncaring, it seems that as soon as you are out of full on treatment then the care and urgency seems to disappear. I haven’t experienced that yet but have only just finished rads so am not at annual check stage.

I am also astonished at the cavalier attitude to your clot issues??!! Do I take it from your last post that you are going to try and change teams?

Hope you get things sorted SOON!

Take care


Hi Sarah

Are u changing hospitals so you can get your mammo earlier ? I only ask because mine is also going to be delayed and i was told this in october ( should be due end of Jan ). I was told that i wont have it then because rads damage ? ( they finished end of sept ). I have not been told how long it will be delayed for but i am not happy about it and really don’t know what to do about it. Looking back i should have asked more at the time as to why it would be delayed but to be honest i find my consultant a bit intimidating so i tend to say very little. Mel x

Hi Wandy,

yes am wanting to change teams/hospitals so am going to the Gp this week. hope you are ok ? xxx


i wanted to change hospitals a while back as it has been one long line of mishaps but my Gp told me to hang fire as she would write to my onc explaining how i felt but things are no better so am going to insist on change, i never get to see my Onc, haven’t seen him since January, all i get are phone calls, never ever invited in to discuss results so am just left at home in a constant state of anxiety. How did your ct scan go ?

Sounds just like my onco - the most unobtainable man ever.
I only get things done if i go to my gp and complain and they then write to the oncologist otherwise i think i would be just left which really doesn’t help with all the anxiety about everything.
But on a good note ct scan was normal apart from highlighting alot of scar tissue where i had my WLE but it was a battle to get the ct scan - i feel as if i have to fight for everything. I hope you are ok ley me know how you get on re changing hospitals etc as i may go that way myself. Melx

I had to pop in and comment, as some of you will know I had my first yr mammo last week and in the space of an hour and half i,d had mammo, chat with BC nurse and then Consultant WITH results (clear) and my care has been amazing… :frowning: i,m so sorry for all of you who are having this horrendous wait i,m not gloating at all xxx I just think if one area can do it in that time then what the f*** is going on elsewhere Sorry for swear word but it really annoys me that after all we,ve gone through some a lot worse than others that they cant get their acts into gear… and if as some of you say the units are busy then why the hell cant they send you the results in the post or let your GP’s know so they can ease your minds…
The waiting room scenario is the worst place in the world to be during what is an already stressful/awful time.
Sorry for rant but it should,nt be happening and I would really take things further.
Love n ((hugs)) to you all Doz xxx

Its too bad, really think that the care is lacking at your current hospital. Maybe the mammo is routine to them, but surely they can see that our first mammo post treatment is going to cause anxiety? That alone should be a good enough reason for doing it soon and quickly. I have mine on Monday. Like Doz I count myself as very fortunate with my care (though I will tell you more on Monday, no idea what scans they have in mind or whether I will get results straight away.)

But as for breaking news about possibly having ribs removed as though there was no importance or need for discussion, like to see how they felt if it was their ribs we were talking about.

I am absolutely with you on changing hospitals. I thought cancer care was meant to be much better these days for waiting times - and I have found it so - but if one area can do it, others can too. A lot of it seems to be about finding good facilities and good people who will go the extra mile for you. It stinks, good luck on Wednesday xx