Awaiting biopsy but confused and just need some reassurance


I went for an ultrasound and a mamogram last week, after finding a small lump. This turned out to be nothing but they said there is calcification in my left breast so referred me for a core biopsy, so now the letter has come and it says biopsy on both breast. I suppose it must be on both breasts. I just feel very out the loop as I was sent home after the ultrasound saying they needed to check the results and decide if I need referring then the letter just came with an appointment. 



Hi Emily,

welcome to the forum - you have found the right place to ask questions and find some support, as well as virtual hugs.

It is always so challenging when going through the various tests, etc when worrying about a lump. Any diagnosis can take a number of tests, before being able to confirm exactly what it is. 

It is good that a biopsy is being taken, as this will give them and you the relevant answers. It can take two to three weeks for these results to come back.

In the meanwhile I am wondering whether this publication might be of help to you.

You can download it and read it at your leisure. 

It would be usual to have another appointment for when the results are back and will be shared with you. So you might get another letter through the post or a call advising you of when that is.

Hoping all goes well and fingers crossed for you.


Sue xx