Awaiting biopsy result

I was on this forum worrying back in January, with what turned out to be cysts. I have had to keep going back for scans and on Monday decide I needed a biopsy for possible fibroadenoma.
I am terrified it is now cancer, it was seen on last scan and they just called me back.
Radiographer said it is most likely begnin, think I have s two week wait for result

Hi, I’m in a similar position. Had 2 cysts drained on Monday but she did a couple of biopsies ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s’ as a precaution. Said there was different tissue there, most likely fybrocystic breast changes but need to double check. It’s a nightmare waiting isn’t it? I just want an answer to know what I’m dealing with.xx

Yes it is, I was totally stressed out before, the wait is terrible, do you know when you will get your result?

I was told up to 2 weeks! It’s torture! I was given the option of booking an appointment at the clinic, having a phone call or a letter. I opted for the letter mainly because I didn’t want the stress of the first 2 options! The consultant said ‘don’t be too concerned if we call you back to clinic, it’s not always worrisome news but sometimes it can be’. Aaarghhh!!! From what I can gather from a lot of the ladies on here is that the radiologist has a good idea if it’s cancer and usually say ‘it does look like cancer’ they’re just covering their backs and doing stuff as a precaution. A friend of mine had a recall from a mammogram and at the ultrasound the radiologist said straight away ‘it’s presenting as cancer’ the biopsy just confirmed it. She’s made a full recovery though! It still doesn’t help us though does it? I’m trying to stay busy and not think about it, I do have my moments though.xx

Yes my radiologist said it is just procedure, and most likely begnin, so am holding onto that! Good luck with your results

Any news Ashley? I got a letter this morning saying I had a cyst (which they drained) which was entirely benign. The relief is unbelievable. Hope you’re doing ok xx

Hi Mummypig
Yes I heard back in a couple of days, it was a fibroadenoma, like you said, it was a high relief. Especially as my sister has melanoma cancer. Take care x