Awaiting Biopsy Results


3 months ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. At diagnosis it had already spread to lungs, spine, top of back, rib and knee. My mind was mush knowing although secondary cancer is treatable it is not cure able.

It then made me do a self check. I could feel a new lump on my left breast. I got a GP appointment in which the doctor could not feel what I was feeling but she referred me anyway to the breast clinic. I wasn’t massively nervous as I’m 27 and had basically self diagnosed myself with either a cyst or fibroadenoma. 

I had that appointment today in which the consultant also could not feel what I was feeling and thought it felt normal (she was very nice and took my concern seriously). Even though she didn’t feel anything she sent me for an ultrasound. I then started to think I was over thinking, nothing was there and maybe the stress with my mums diagnosis had made me anxious over nothing. 

I went in to the ultrasound scan room and straight away the lady saw there was something on my scan and that she could feel what I was feeling. She said that she thinks it is most likely just a fibroadenoma but she took 4 biopsies just to confirm.

I thought I was fine and I know it’s most likely nothing but I am so anxious about the what ifs. They reassured me that they were not too concerned but I can’t stop worrying. 

I am an oncology nurse myself and I’m tying to use the advice I give patients when waiting for results but I can’t seem to relax myself. 

sorry it’s not really a question just a rant 

You are bound to feel really anxious given what has happened with your Mum .The anxious waiting for results is awful so matter how re-assuring your team are until the biopsy results are back it’s very difficult to stop your mind going to worst case scenarios .Many of us here who understand how you are feeling , try and keep busy and come here and chat whenever you need to . Best wishes Jill x