Awaiting biopsy results.

Oh so sorry to hear your result Ylimed, was so hoping you would be ok. Dont know what to say. You prob feeling how i am, a little bit terrified, a bit numb. Im more upset today now i know. I feel sorry for my sis, and also my niece who is only 20 but must be really worried about herself now too. I dont have any children so if this is genetic with us at least it stops at me and we have time to test my niece. I still cant beleive i have to wait till 9th april. Im gonna be insane by then!! Good luck with your ct scan Ylimed and pls keep us updated. Thinking of you xx

Ylimed and Tamina - I am absolutely gutted that you have both had this news. I can’t give either of you any wise words about how to deal with this, but there are others here who will and will ‘walk’ with you through your journey. However what I can do is say that you are both in my thoughts, and if there is ever a time you need a person to vent to, a kind word or anything else possible in cyber space PM me anytime. I’m pretty good at unravelling medicalese and finding bits of relevant research - so anything I can do that might help…take very good care, both of you.

So sorry ylimed, it’s a horrible time but at least you are now in the system and will have your treatment plan. Good luck for ct scan and fingers crossed its all clear, thinking of you xx

Hi guys, so i have found out that i have a grade 3 invasive ductal cancer. After reading about grade 3 this really worries me, and yet i still have to wait to see a consultant on 9th april??? It is still like torture because i dont know anything. Ive been told ill prob have an opp within the first 2weeks of may, and im terrified. Id read that Ylimed was sent for a ct scan straight away so i dont understand my waiting around. is this normal?

Hi Tamina, from what I can gather, yeah, unfortunately this is probably normal. Grade three is scary, a relatively aggressive type BUT, even aggressive cancers don’tnormally spread in a few weeks. Once you meet the consultant they will be able to explain more, and once you have the Op you will know what stage you are at. I don’t know the details of Ylimeds case, but it may be that they saw lymph nodes which might have triggered the CT scan. The bottom line is that everyone is different, and the approach is different. Maybe give the help line a call, they will be able to tell you what to expect - if not Susan Love’s book gives a really good explanation of what, why, how and when. You could also ask some of the Ladies ( and gents) on the other threads what is a typical experience at this stage. Roll on the 9th when you should get some answers and a clearer plan of action! Thinking of you.

Hi Tamina

I too had grade 3 invasive ductal. I was diagnosed in Octber 2012, and didn’t have mastectomy until 12.12.12 so waiting until May might seem scary, but I can reassure you that you will be ok and when you have spoken to consultant and they have given you a treatment plan, you will feel more in control. As for Ylimed having a CT scan, different hospitals do things in different ways. I haven’t had a CT scan at all, in spite of having surger and now being half way through chemo. Good luck for 9th.
Sending big hugs
Poemsgalore xx

Thanx guys, ill keep you all updated re the app and what they say. They have said i could of had this cancer around a year and not known about it, but then they say its grade 3 but slow growing??? Its all a bit confusing, know wonder i dont understand it all!!! Im muddling through tho. I saw my sister yesterday who has just had the op on her lymph nodes, she is now waiting for a date for her mastectomy. She looks like she has a tennis ball under her arm, awful. We are looking after each other. But the timing of all this sure stinks xxxxxx

Tamina, the ‘tennis ball’ under your sister’s arm is probably a seroma, fluid that has collected because lymph nodes have been removed. It will be absorbed into her body over time, although if it is REALLY big and causing discomfort, they may decide to drain it. I have a small seroma left from my surgery in December. It used to feel as though I had a cushion under my arm - still does at times - but it is considerably smaller than it was.

Take Care
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Matt, I just had to respond to you as I was at The Nightingales Centre on my own on Tuesday. I was having my 2nd biopsy in 8 days and I go back on Monday for the results. I have already been told after the 1st biopsy results that they have found abnormal cells in the area they were concerned about.

I have been very impressed with the organisation, friendliness and professionalism of all the staff at Nightingales that I’ve come across so far there. What an excellent job they all do.

I wish your wife well and what a lovely husband you are to come on here and show your love and support for her.