Awaiting biopsy results.

Hi I am 33 and awaiting biopsy results. I first noticed a lump in my armpit when I was pregnant and did not think much of it but after having my daughter in February I decided to just get it seen to. I was referred to the breast clinic and they have done an ultrasound, a biopsy and a mamogram. They found a change in breast tissue and swollen lymph node. The consultant said to me that they were concerned with what they saw but obviously need to wait for results which is a whole week away
i am in pieces, I feel sick and I can’t eat. I am so scared that it is breast cancer as I have my newborn baby girl and a son of 7 and all sorts of thoughts are running through my head. I keep replaying the consultants conversation with me in my head. I am so very very scared I am an anxious person anyway and I just keep thinking I am going to die and my children will have no mum.

Hi Ylimed

I’m sorry to read that you’re having such a worrying time at the moment. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hello I just want you to know you aren’t alone. I got referred to the breast clinic with an inverted nipple and awful breast pain. I had a mammogram and ultrasound however the consultant decided to do a biopsy under general anaesthetic due to the location (ie my nipple). I had the op on monday and i have a much bigger wound than i was expecting so this has concerned me. I now have to wait a week for the results and I have a million and one things going around my head. I feel very worried and just don’t know what to think. I too play over in my head what the consultant said/or didn’t say. Feel free to message me if u need to chat. Lots of love - kerry x

Hi i had a bipsy yesterday and im feeling very much the same as you. I hadnt found anything myself. Im 45 and my sister is 47. My sister had breast cancer 7 yrs ago and has just found out that it has returned. Ive been having regular mammograms and was called back after the last one. I went back yesterday and had another mammogram and an ultrasound, and then a biopsy. Theyve taken tissue from under my armpit. Ive been told to expect the worst so now im really worried, if i hadnt been before. I suppose i had felt that it wouldnt happen to me, as apart from my sis there is no other person in my family that this has affected. Its all a little surreal. Ive waited nearly 2 weeks to go back so thought had it been ‘important’ id have been called back sooner, and now i have to wait till next wed to find out the result of the biopsy. Im sure there are many of us that have been in this situation but that doesnt make your own situation any less frightening. I wish i could give you a positive on this but you must have hope, i still have xx

All this waiting around for results is ten kinds of torture - even the most robust of us go to pieces when our health is threatened. Don’t be too hard on yourselves ladies, until we get clear answers all of us go through the mill, you shouldn’t be feeling any different than you do right now - show me a woman in this position who isn’t driving herself crazy with too many questions and too few answers and I will eat my hat!
I am sure you have both already read the statistics, but just as a reminder over 80% of biopsies come back benign. The triple assessment of clinical exam, imaging and biopsy is 99% accurate in diagnosing both benign and malignat conditions. The triple assessment is the standard procedure to diagnose breast issues - having a biopsy doesn’t mean they think it IS BC, it just means they are doing everything necessary to get an accurate diagnosis.
If in the worst case scenario BC should be found, they move quickly and treat it and they keep treating it until there is no evidence of disease. As an example, there are eight women in my family who have all been diagnosed young with BC - six of them are now in their 60’s and 70’s and still enjoying life, the other two are 10 and 6 years down the line and have no evidence of disease. There are no guarantees but many many women get through this and live to see their children lead long and happy lives.
Be kind to yourselves while you are waiting, do some nice things - try hard to stay off google if you can and use this place to help you get through. Wishing you both all the best with your results.

Thank you so much for your positive words. They have helped me tremendously over the last couple of daYs. Lets just pray that all of us will get the all clear. Xxx

So tomorrow is judgement day. I am so scared, I don’t know how I am going to cope if the news is bad. I am dreading trying to fall asleep tonight as my mind is whirling of all eventualities and how I imagine them telling me the news. I have been waiting for tomorrow so I just know but now it’s nearly here I almost want to run and hide somewhere. I just want all to be ok so I can enjoy being a mummy to my 7 week old baby.

Try and get some sleep if you can ( hard enough with a little one, let alone this too). Tomorrow will come soon enough, and you will know where you stand. I have my fingers crossed that all will be well, and will be thinking of you and watching for news. Whatever happens, know that you have support here and people thinking of you even in the hardest times.

Hi Ylimed,

If you need to talk to someone away from family & friends before or even after your appointment today, please do give the helpline team here a ring they’re here to support you through this. Lines open at 9am until 5pm (Mon-Fri) Sat 10-2. 0808 800 6000, the calls are free.

Good luck and take care,

Jo, Facilitator

thank you - I will let you know later. X

Just wanted to say I hope you get good news really soon, the waiting is just horrible…
I’m waiting for a date for excisional biopsy after atypical cells were found and time is just dragging…
Take care xx

I feel the same a you Ylimed. Havent been able to thrink straight. Ive been off work as couldnt face it. Feel sick. I just want to know now. dont know how ill get through till tomorrow. Im going to insist they tell me over the phone, as it bank holiday, if they say they are going to send a letter it could be next week till i get it. I cant go through another week like this. Fingers crossed for both you and me xxx

So, today is the day. Didnt get any sleep last night. In fact, i think i cried most of the night. Im waiting for my husband to come home before i make the phone call as im terrified of what they will say. The biopsy site is still really painful too, whether thats because they have disturbed the lump i dont know, but havent been able to wear a bra since, so that is concerning me too. Im suprised i have any hair or nails left after this last week. Is it usual to feel like this? I feel like im going out of my mind today. Good luck Ylimed, hope all turns out good for you too xx

I was hoping to find some good news from Ylimed today - I hope she’s busy celebrating!

Hoping for good news for you too Tamina ( and yes, it’s totally usual to feel like this).

Hi there, so my results are in, and it is cancer. Im pretty devastated to say the least. They werent going to tell me over the phone, had to insist. Havent got an app till 9th april tho to discuss my options, why do i have to wait so long? Feel numb. I go on holiday on 14th april, they hacve said to still go. How on earth do i enjoy it?

So sorry Tamina it’s awful this whole thing you will feel better when you know what your treatment plan is honestly and you know exactly what you are dealing with, good luk and try to enjoy your holidaY and forget all about tis until you get back, easier said than done I know xx
Am worrying about yilmed now though as not heard a peep from her, let’s hope she is out celebrating ay! Xx

Yes ive been looking on here too for Ylimeds result. Maybe she is out celebrating. I sure wish thats what i was doing right now. Just dont know know how to feel xx

Oh Tamina, I’m so sorry! :frowning: I wish I had something to say that would lift your spirits right now. I doubt you will have the holiday you hoped for, but you will have the chance to step back, take a breath and take time to work out how you are going to deal with this, and you will deal with it - i sense a strong spirit in your posts. Once you have your appointment and get a clearer idea of what comes next you can work on how you are going to kick this cancers backside! Sending you every warm wish and hope dear girl.

Hello, unfortunately I havent been out celebrating I have also been diagnosed with cancer. I am in absolute pieces too can’t believe it !! I am on my way to have a ct scan now. So frightened its spread xxx

Hi Ylimed,
So so sorry that you have been dealt this blow. Big hugs. At least it has been found, your team will put together a treatment plan and you can then gather your strength focus on that. Take one day at a time. Post on here, ask any questions…Its all so overwhelming at first…sending you love and positive vibes xxxx