Awaiting biopsy results

Hi everyone
I’m 48 and got asked if I would like a mammogram as part of a test group in younger people , had it done and got called to the breast clinic yesterday.

They did a physical exam and ultrasound but nothing showed up , I don’t have a lump but an area that they are unsure of and as it’s my first they are not sure what it is , I had a biopsy of the area and have an appointment next Friday for the results.

Well as you can imagine I have Googled and now I am petrified, has anyone else had the same experience ?

I’m a natural born worrier and I’m so scared x

Hi Shelly , of course your going to be scared its an awful place to be in but try to remember the majority of ladies in your shoes will get the all clear and if not think how fortunate you were to have an early Mammogram and for it to be picked up now! My sister and two friends had recalls and all were clear, the waiting isnt fun but better if you try and keep as occupied as possible or the days will drag , please let us know how you get on xx

Thank you for your reply, yes I am lucky I had a mammogram early, I’m a born worrier, will let you know next Friday, I have everything crossed x

Hi Shelly,
Your story is similar to mine. I had an abnormal mammo in 2014 and was called back for a few additional views. Still not enough info they ordered a needle biopsy. That came back with a recommendation for an excisional biopsy. After a lumpectomy the results showed ADH (Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia) NO CANCER!!
My surgeon said that because I fall into the high risk category he placed me on Tamoxifen for a five year run. I am 2.5 years into it. I have diagnostic mammograms and this past year I had an MRI of both breasts. So far so good!

During all this testing time, just like you, I Googled. I found every diagnosis possible and convinced myself I had all of them. I was certain that because I continued to get called back for additional testing that eventually the outcome would be dismal. I drove myself crazy with googling everything. Don’t drive yourself nuts and keep a positive attitude. This is very common but the unknown can be overwhelming. Due to the waiting involved, our minds have nothing else to do but to jump to conclusions. Best of luck to you and prayers and hugs!!

Hi Tanya

Thank you for your reply, I have stopped googling as you said I think I have all of them, this does sound similar to my tests , hoping for a positive outcome, I’m stressing and my moods keep changing from weepy to feeling OK