Awaiting biopsy results

I went for my mammogram just before Christmas and had to go back for further checks last thursday, I saw the x-rays from mammogram and there was a jelly tot sized blob on left breast. I had 2 more mammograms then an ultrasound scan where the blob was also seen, the doctor did scan up towards my armpits but didn’t hover anywhere so I think my lymph glands are okay. He then took 3 samples during biopsy using something which made a very scary crunching noise. He said there are 3 outcomes, it will be nothing, it will be something but not too bad, it will be bad, he said to go with the middle outcome and expect to get recalled so I am just waiting for the letter. My husband has been far more upset than me but as I said to him worrying and stuffing my face with cake and chocolate won’t help whatever the result.

Hi Helen - you sound like you have a really positive approach to this. Sometimes our ‘other halves’ tend to either ignore it / hope there is nothing going on or feel v anxious. That core biopsy thing makes a terrible noise - i presumed it was the plastic catching on a throw away piece of medical kit! Good luck with your results - you are right - we can do nothing about the result but we can try and ensure our heads are in the right place! Whatever happens you are in good company here.


While the doctor was doing the ultrasound he asked if I’d felt a lump, no nothing, so I tried to feel something when I was in the shower at the weekend and still nothing but this morning I remembered that for a couple of weeks in late Nov early Dec the area on my breast where they took the biopsies was very itchy to the extent I put germolene on it and I detest the smell of it. I’m thinking now that this was probably a sign of something but as I always suffer from various itchy ares on my body I thought nothing of it, looking back it was worse than the usual itching and in the same spot for a prolonged period. Still waiting for results to come back.

It’s so difficult to look back - on reflection I had felt some kind of thicker breast - didn’t think anything of it until I was having 7 of those noisy biopsies taken from what I thought was that area! When I had my pre op stuff done it was clear that the area was a lot deeper than I actually thought. Hope you get your results soon so you know where you stand. Mine eventually turned out ok after op.

Gosh, not sure I’m enjoying the waiting for my results, I was told 10 days but that would be tomorrow so it looks as if the anxious wait for the posty is going to continue until Monday. I was okay with things before but now I am genuinely anxious when the post arrives which is silly as it’s only a letter. I’m slowly reading bits on this forum so at least I have an idea of what to expect should it be bad news.

Through my husband’s work we have private health insurance, does anyone know if treatment would be any quicker, I don’t think it would be better as hospital staff were all so kind, if we go through that, bupa, rather than the NHS?



Hi H

Timescales NHS v private - for me were about the same. I got to choose my surgeon which was a bonus - the same consultant radiologist from N H S done my pre op procedure. So it was more about me having my own space for my op. You are not at that point so I would try and keep a open mind until you get outcomes. Waiting is awful and was worse than anything else. Keeping active and Making little distractions made the days a tad more tolerable. Hope you get results this week.

My results came back today and it turns out it’s not breast cancer, I am so happy but would like to thank you for your kind words on here and hope others get similar results.

Helen that is great news. What a relief for your husband too. Time for a deep breath -

Take care