Awaiting biopsy

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that I’ve been in such an emotional state since my GP appointment and finding this site and reading through everything has really helped me tonight.
I had a lumpectomy for a fibroadenoma when I was 17. I am now 33 and since the lumpectomy I’ve been in the breast clinic a few times with a few harmless lumps.
Recently I noticed the skin on my left breast looked funny and I had a couple of bruises that don’t ever go.
I then found a lump which feels like a stone and very different to anything I’ve had before. I went to the GP and she said that the lump actually stretches right under the Breast and protrudes at the side and underneath. I’ve had to do the waiting thing before but I’ve always had an underlying confidence and this time I’m just a mess. I have 3 children who are 9,10 and 12 and they are all I can think about. My scan and biopsy are on Thursday morning. I know I’m probably reading everything in to the situation at the moment but I’ve lost a stone in weight in just over a month and I’m wondering if anyone else has had symptoms like being
sick, fatigue, shooting pains in the lump area and constant headaches?
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories! Although it’s horrible thinking of you all going through all this it brings so much comfort in a strange way.
Beth X

Hi Beth, I know it’s difficult, but try not to overthink everything at the moment. It’s more than likely that the symptoms you’ve been feeling are stress and anxiety related. Hopefully after your appointment on Thursday you’ll have a better idea as to what’s going on, try to bare in mind that the majority of breast lumps aren’t anything sinister! Please keep us updated as to how you get on. Sissy xx

Ah Beth the waiting is awful and Sissy is right Anxiety could be presenting itself as fatigue,headaches etc. I’ve had the wait game for 3 weeks now as went for mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy then waited for a week for results to be told that the ultrasound looks sinister but biopsy was clear. They’re now wanting to repeat the biopsy next week because it conflicts so much with the appearance of the lump! Im back to square one and anxiety levels are higher than ever now. Im 38 and have an 18 and 6 year old and everytime I look at my 6 yr old I feel guilty that I may not be able to do for him what I did for his big brother. Ive held his hand a little tighter on school runs worrying whether I’ll be well enough to continue if diagnosed. It just means your obviously a good mum to be thinking of them instead of yourself so try and stay positive. It could just be one of the fibrous lumps that has grown in size but every chance it is still benign. Thats what Im holding on to. Its hard to put it out of your mind which is why this forum has been great to come and share experiences and concerns. Big hugs. Kay xx