awaiting breast appointment


A few months ago I felt a lump in my armpit, it felt like swollen lymph nodes. I also commenced immunosuppressants at this point so I told myself it was a side of effect from this medication.

Anyway the lump didnt go away and got bigger. So i went to the doctors and and i explained the above and said that i feel its pulling on a nerve as i get an achy feeling in the side of my breast. The doctor examined me and said i also have a lump where it is tender, she said its quite big and it may be a few cysts together but will refer my to the breast clinic. The doctor said there is certainly a lump in my armpit but didnt say it was lymph nodes or a cyst. 

So i have gone into panic mode and i am an over thinker anyway. 

Has anyone had this and had good news? im trying to tell myself it is cysts or thickening or tissue (i think thats what its called) but alot of the research refers to cancer. 

Any guidance or advice would be appreciated. I have my appointment next week so not too long to wait. =

Thank you. 

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a horrible time at the moment. I completely understand how you are feeling as I am currently going through the same worries as you. 

I’m sorry I am not much help but Like you I looked all over google for symptoms and the only answer was C. However my doctor reassured me today that there are loads of reasons there could be lumps in our breasts. She told me I may have fat necrosis from a previous injury as like you, I have a large lump myself.

be reassured that it’s completely normal to be referred as it’s protocol my doctor explained. 

I wish you well and I hope you get some positive answers soon :slightly_smiling_face: