Awaiting core biopsy results, so nervous!

Hi everyone, I think I just need a bit of reassuring, I have had an enlarged lymph node under my arm for about 7months and at first put it down to possibly an infection, however 2 1/2 months ago I had several more lymph nodes enlarged in my neck and they just didn’t go down, my husband told me to go to my gp to get them checked out, I was just expecting her to say I must have some kind of infection somewhere even though I felt well, never in a million years was I expecting her to refer me to the breast clinic! I walked out very confused thinking but I don’t have any breathing lumps?. I received my appointment to go to the breast clinic again expecting them to check and say that everything was ok, however I was sent for an ultrasound and was told that in my armpit the consultant had located 2 enlarged lymph nodes, 1 was deeper into the breast and that the lining of them were thickened and looked suspicious so she needed to take biopsies, so there and then she did the core biopsies and said that I would be able to go back the following week for the results, I came home a little anxious and received a call from the breast clinic telling me that my appointment would need to be moved to the following week as my biopsy results would not be back in time which would mean I am waiting nearly 2 weeks for my results and it is really getting to me and worrying me now.

Hello 39andworried,

Sorry about the circumstances you are in. Not going to say to you don’t worry and all that because we can’t just switch off at times. Look at it another way, isn’t it good that your GP/hospital staff are being so thorough. If there is something untoward then better it is picked up and dealt with now.
When I had a core biopsy, I had to wait two weeks for the results. I don’t think it is unusual - every flipping appointment/test I had seemed to have a 2 week gap inbetween!!

Take care, try and just go with the flow so to speak. You can always have a good rant on here - plenty people listening and available for support. . Wishing you all the best with the biopsy results. X ?

Hi Chick1,
Thank you for replying, i guess you are right and it is good that they are being so pro active about it I think I just can’t help but feel a bit deflated, it’s the what ifs? That are the hardest part for me. Whatever will be will be I suppose, I will cross that bridge if and when I have to. Hope your doing ok. X

Hello 39and worried,

Thank you. I am still chugging along trying to acclimatise to life post BC.))

I know what you mean with the “what ifs” etc. I remember going through every scenario and making plans accordingly. It felt like I was preparing myself for the worst yet so very much hoping for the best!

We deal with things in the best way we can at the time. At times I would acknowlegde my fearful thoughts and then allocate a specific time later to think things through! At least then I could try and stop it enveloping everything.

When are your results due? Will someone/your husband be attending with you?

Be kind to yourself X ?

Hi, thank you jobey68 I am trying to keep busy, I have little ones that help with that and also grandchildren that keep me on my toes too ?
Chick1 yes my husband will be coming with me, I get my results on Monday my appt is 245pm the week days just seem to be dragging at the moment when normally they would fly by. X

Literally everything on my journey seems to have happened every 2 weeks.
It’s pointless saying don’t worry, as its just a natural responce.
But at least you are in the system now and its getting sorted for you. By Monday you’ll know whats going on and you’ll be able to see a way forward.
Hope you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend to keep you occupied??

Take care ?

Hello 39andworried,
Hope your results appointment goes well today. Best wishes to you and a big ?.
X ?

HI 39 and worried , I am so with you I am also waiting for the result of my core biopsy they are not due until 15th. The wait is angonising and sometimes I am fine then I start to think what might be. Stay strong  here if i can help.