Awaiting core biopsy results whilst caring for my dad

I’m going through such an emotional time at the moment. My dad was diagnosed with cancer on 1st September. 8 weeks later and we’re told you he has just days left. He has malignant melanoma with brain, lung and liver mets. During this awful time I discovered a lump and had bleeding from my left nipple. Doctors referred me to the breast clinic. Ultrasound was unclear and the FNA results were inconclusive. On Thursday I had a core biopsy. I also told the radiologist that was concerned about a pain I was getting deep in my armpit. The ultrasound showed that my lymph nodes were enlarged and she did an FNA there prior to the core biopsy.

The core biopsy took over an hour and for me was an horrendous experience due to the location and close proximity to my nipple. My boob is so sore and tender and is currently black and blue and I have a horrible lump there that I’m presuming is bruising under the skin. They took 3 samples plus the lymph sample and they left a place marker in there too.

I’m praying for some good news but I have a bad feeling that I just can’t shake.

How long do results usually take? Would they have told me then and there is they thought it wasn’t something bad? Are enlarged nodes a bad sign? There was lots of whispering and getting a senior person in a few times. Put me on edge. Looking for advice and reassurance I guess x

Hi Nashlel,
So sorry to hear about your dad & that you have this going on as well.
Biopsy results normally take a week or 2 & they may or may not give an indication beforehand. Both experiences are reported here, so it’s not possible to read anything into it really.
IF you do get a diagnosis, then thankfully, bc is one of the best ones to have, treatment is excellent now with many of us here now out the other side & getting on with life.
There is loads of support here, so do come back whenever you need to & let us know how you get on.
ann x