Awaiting full diagnosis

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a 34 mum of 2 young boys. I was advised on 2nd june I have er+Her2+ (2cm) tumour. I am awaiting a further biopsy results on 7th July to see if it’s in a wider area. From there I will get to know the suggested treatments (lumpectomy or mastectomy). Ect ect. 

Really struggling with the waiting on results and treatments… And from stopping my mind going to really scary scenarios (can hardly look at the kids without tearing up). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Would be lovely if anyone out there are similar ages or mums who have similar cases. 

Sending positive vibes to everyone X

@cmac9  What a blessing your post is one of the first that I’ve seen. Just got on a couple of days ago and barely looked around. I am 37 with two boys (16 & 13). I am having my biospy tomorrow but was given a BIRADS 5, along with the doctor telling me some specifics that he was confident it was cancer, but again we won’t know 100% until I’ve received the biopsy results (was told that I would receive those by the end of this week). I would love to connect with you more! Praying for you and your family now! 

Hi, So i was basically you exactly a year ago! A 2cm her2 and er tumour. I was 35 with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I was devastated by my diagnosis and convinced I was dying. I can say that the period waiting for all the scans to come back and waiting to start treatment was hands down the worst thing I’ve been through. It does get easier. I had 5 months of chemo, a double mastectomy (my choice, I could have had a lumpectomy) and reconstruction and am just completing my year of herceptin. I’ve started hormone therapy (exemestane) which has been fine, no horrific side effects to report. 

I’m now back at work and slowly life is getting back to normal.

The start of the process is truly horrific and I’m so sorry you find yourself here. But it does get easier, just keep your head down and and deal with each day as it comes. 

Please message me if there’s anything I can tell you that would help