Awaiting my biopsy results :-(

Hello folks,


I was diagnosed with DCIS in November of 2016 it was a very agressive tumour that grew rapidly to 11.6cm, ended up with a mastectomy/reconstruction and reduction on my other breast. I had my yearly mammogram , and they found a cyst which was goodish news. Then i was called back to say it looked a bit suspect, after a Stereotactic biopsy of 18 samples(ouch) I now have a long wait till next Thursday till i get my results. I’m on full on panic mode and trying to write down questions etc. Main 1 being why did’nt you take off my other breast when i asked about it , 

Hi Carroll,

Sorry that you havent received a response yet. You may find it helpful to talk to one of our experts on the freeHelpline, 0808 800 6000 (opens tomorrow at 9a.m) or maybe post on theAsk Our Nursearea of the Forum.

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How did things go?