Awaiting One stop appointment.

Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m 32 and a married mum of 2. I have a breast lump and am at the One stop clinic next Friday (10th) I’ve had the lump a couple of years and had it checked out in 2021 and they said it was just a fatty lump. Recently it has got bigger, before it took a bit of searching, now it’s very easy to find, it’s painful to touch. I went to the GP last week and she examined and agreed It needs re-checking and also mentioned there was an area of denser tissue in the other breast which I didn’t know about…

Its lucky the wait time is so short and the one stop clinic means I’ll be examined, have imaging and anything else and be told bad or good all in the same appointment. 

I’m so scared though. My kids are young and autistic, I’m training to be a nurse soon. I don’t want to die. 

Thanks for reading xx

Oh bless you Rebekah -S

Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know), friday will soon be here and you will know what you are dealing with.  Sending you a big virtual hug 

Hi Rebecca 

Sorry to hear you are going through this.
I’m 43 with 3 kids, can relate to what you maybe feeling. 
It feels like a constant emotional rollercoaster whilst waiting. I’m due to go for a MRI scan this Wednesday and really nervous.
Fingers crossed hope all goes well xx

Hi Rebekah. I’m in a similar situation and have been called back for further tests next Tuesday (28th March). I have a fibroadenoma which they found at my last mammogram 3 years ago and they did a core biopsy to diagnose at that time. I don’t actually know what I’ve been called back for this time so am wondering if a benign lump can turn into something malignant and I wondered how you got on at your one stop appointment.