awaiting results!!

Hi everyone,
I have just joined the site and am still finding my way around - sorry if I mess this up. I was diagnosed 7 Jun with BC and have just (last Tues) had a lumpectomy and lymph nobes removed, not sure how many. I haven’t been told what grade or size my tumor is, only that it is invasive. I presume I get these next week when I go for my results.
I am finding this site wonderful - weird I know. But although I have a loving husband and barrage of good friends it is nice to speak with people that know what I am going through, although I don’t even know myself some days. I am having more good days than bad which is good. I am still feeling bad and vain about worrying about losing my hair and putting on weight - I feel like I shouldn’t think like that but I can’t help it, I am not normally like that. Is this normal?
Thanks for all being there (even though you didn’t know it). I have been reading the site for two weeks but only just plucked up the courage to join. The feelings you describe could’ve been written by me!!!
Anyway, I feel like I am waffling, thanks again, we will speak soon.
Luv Tracy xx

Hiya Bettyboo,

have replied to your post on the ‘have I got breast cancer?’ page. Then just saw this one, ‘welcome’,


Hi Kelly,
Yes, got confused - I am a little bit of a techno-phobe!!!
Tracy xx

Hi Tracy
This is a very frightening period, waiting for results and we all sympathise with you. Just a thought on “losing your hair”. Chemo treatments vary, I had 6 x FEC, and was able to use the latest cold cap treatment, although the chemo nurse told me it only works for around 10% of people. It is not prescribed for all chemo regimes. Figured I had nothing to lose, except my time and hair so went ahead. It is like a motor cycle helmet, comes in different sizes to fit your head, and is connected to a freezer unit at the side of the chemo chair. Feels very cold at first, but you get used to it. The nurse wrapped me in a duvet and brought free hot drinks. Mine had to be on for a half hour before the chemo infusion, during it, and one hour after. Honestly, I used to fall asleep! Knew I had to get lucky sometime, and was thrilled that it worked. My hair thinned on top and I could see my scalp, but no-one else seemed to notice. I did get a wig on the NHS (a voucher for up to £120) and got a really nice one which was cut to suit my head. I rarely wore it though. If you are going to have chemo, I would suggest you ask about this service and see the wig people before you start chemo so they can help you choose a wig similar to your own hair. Mine took 2 weeks to arrive and was fitted in a private room at the back of the hairdresser’s salon. Staff were very courteous and discrete. I’ve kept it for “bad hair days”.
When you go for your surgery results, it is a good idea to ask for a printed copy of your pathology report which should have all the details you need to know. It is like a foreign language at first, but I found that by googling some of the terms, and asking questions on here, I soon understood what my diagnosis/prognosis was. The important parameters are size of tumour, grade, and number of lymph nodes cancerous, if any. Also you need to know if you are ER + or -, as this dictates if you can have hormone therapy (tamoxifen or Arimidex), and also your HER2 status. If you are HER2+ Herceptin, should be prescribed.

It really is a minefield, and for me, just learning about breast cancer was a struggle at first, but eventually it becomes a comfort to actually know what is going on.

I hope your results are good. If you have any further questions, there is always someone on here with the relevant experience and willing to share it.

Take care.

Hi Liz,

Thank you so much for your kind words. You are right - it is a minefield. I sometimes think you can read too much. Getting a copy of the report is a good idea, I must remember to write that down or I will forget.
I will let you know how I get on, thanks again,
Tracy xx

Hi Tracy. Thank you so much for your much appreciated concern. I am much better today, think I was just so overtired yesterday, that things got on top of me. This morning I am back to positive and now just want to get the treatment done and back to normality. Its strange when you get the results that its a sense of relief that the “waiting” game is over, which is the worst thing and you then have a treatment plan. Not sure when the chemo will start, see oncologist on Monday so should all become clearer then. I do wish you the very best of Luck on Thursday and please let me know how you get on.
Lots and Lots of Love Jillianxx

Hi Jillian

I am so glad that I go to the hospital tomorrow. At least we can start to make plans. We have been invited camping for the weekend on the Isle of Wight 27th Jul and aren’t sure whether to go or not - will I be up to it?? It is a lot of money if I am not so good. We have a wedding in 4 weeks, again I don’t know where I will be at. Bit of a nightmare isn’t it!!!
I will let you know how I get on, sending lol,
Tracy xx

Hi all

I am posting this on behalf of new user Alex

Best wishes



Breast Cancer Care

Hi Tracy,

I am new to the site to and have been reading your bits, i know exactly how you feel!! I have just had a Bi lateral Mastectomy last week and am waiting for the results and treatment plan next week. Its all happened so fast, only 4 weeks ago I was told it was nothing now it seems to be everything! All a whirlwind! I have been told
I will have Chemo next and am to worried about my hair, reading Liz’s information has helped.
Hope your results go OK tomorrow, my fingers and toes are crossed for you.

al xx

Hi Tracy,
just wanted you to know, I am thinking of you today.
I pray you will have some good news,good luck.
Love and hugs
Rosamund x

Good morning ladies,
Thank you all for your lovely words and thoughts. My appointment is 3pm so it is going to be along day. I am off for a walk in a while to clear my mind. Whilst I am glad the waiting is going to be over I am a little apprehensive - scared that no matter how hard I try I will get all emotional and not take anything in. My husband is coming with me and he has been wonderful and very supportive, don’t know what I would have done without him and this site.

Will let you all know, sending lol,
Tracy xx

Thinkg of you Tracy.


Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to wish you all the best for your appt this afternoon. I will be thinking of you at 3pm. I had my results appt late afternoon and the wait was horrendous. Just pacing around the house clock watching. I’m very glad you are taking hubbie with you, its always good to have someone to hold your hand and also be a second pair of ears. I am rarely able to take everything in when I go for appts so am glad to have my boyfriend there with me to listen to everything thats being said.

Whatever the results show today its important to remember that there’s lots than can be done for you and will be done. I am currently going through chemo after having a mastectomy and full axillary clearance in March. After chemo I am having rads then hormones along with Herceptin as I found out a couple of weeks ago I’m HER2+. Facing all this treatment was v.scary at first but now I have started I am feeling much better about things. I know that everything that can be done for me is being done.

I really hope you get on ok this afternoon. Remember that along with your family and freinds we are all here for you. We know exactly what you are going through.

Take care and please let us know how you get on,


Hi Tracy. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you today, and hope you get good news.
Lots of Love and Hugs

Hi there everyone,
Sorry it has taken so long to post my results - the phone has not stopped and the people have been popping in all evening.
The results went really well, it hasn’t spread to the sentinel node which means no more surgery. That was a relief as it was at the back of my mind. The tumour is Grade 3 as apparently the cells had started to break away but it was only 15mm which is considered small. The Surgeon was still amazed that I found it. He is pleased with my progress and my scars etc.
Next I saw the Oncologist who was great. I have been offered a full treatment - chemo, rads and then if necessary tablets (results aren’t in for the Hormone Receptive or HER2) he wasn’t bothered as it hasn’t altered the way ahead. I have been invited to take part in the TACT2 trials?? Any advise???
My first Chemo is booked for the 31st Jul - great!!! I feel more upbeat about it than I have for the past 5 weeks. I know I still have a way to go with the treatments but I feel positive which must help. Oh and he said I can start running from now - amazing!!! I was originally told 12 weeks.
I am back to work on Monday (my choice) as I am in the Navy they have been wonderful and pretty much left it up to me whether I work or not. I want to go back for a couple of weeks to tie up lose ends and all that.
It is my little boys sports day today so I am going to go as he is in the relay and the sprint, don’t want to miss it.
Thank you all for your thoughts, my thoughts are with you all - sending lol and I will speak soon, take care,
Tracy xx
PS: Jillian - please keep me up to date on your results. Hope today is a good day for you xxx

Hi Tracy, So glad your results were pretty good. I have been checking for your reply constantly. We will both be going through our treatment at the same time, so can help one another out. I havent yet got a date for mine to start, see oncologist on Monday. Im so glad that you feel more upbeat, I too feel the same now the waiting game is over. Enjoy the sports day, and hope your son wins. I read a lovely quote the other day and did post it but you may not have seen it, thought I would share it with you as it seems quite apt for both of us at this time “In order for a rainbow to appear, first a little rain must fall” Im sure our rainbow wont be long appearing.
Lots of Love

Hi Tracy,

glad to hear your results were pretty good, nice one! Good on 'ya for going back to work, I’m in the RAF and haven’t actually worked since diagnosed in March! I was hoping to get back whilst on chemo but its just too much for me. The RAF have been amazing, as I’m sure the Navy have been for you. I have now been made ‘non-effective’ and am planning my return to work for when I’ve finished my rads.

I am on the TACT2 trial and personally think its great! The ‘arm’ you get put on is selected totally at random by a computer at the Royal Marsden, I am on arm 2 (accelerated epi followed by standard CMF). I have finished the Epi part and had my first CMF on weds (I’m a big girl now!! LOL). Being part of a trial is great as you get monitored v.v.closely. This trial has been going on for sometime now so I was happy that any ‘teething problems’ would be well and truly ironed out by now! Also, you can of course ‘opt out’ at any time which is good. Once treatment is complete you still get followed up closely for many years to come and I find that quite comforting.

I wish you well for your return to work and your first treatment on July 31st. If you do go for the trial please let us know what arm you’re on.

Take care and give me a shout if you wanna know anything else about TACT2 and stuff,


Hi girls,
Thanks girls - it is good to ‘chat’. This site is invaluable and I am sure you all agree.
Jillian - please let me know how you get on on Monday. I have posted my results in the category ‘undergoing treatment for BC’ as I feel I am moving onto the next stage. I will certainly keep in touch and post my progress through the different stages - good days and bad!!! Your quote was lovely and very apt. I must write these down or I will forget them. Have a good weekend and try not to worry (easy to say - not), please let me know - I shall keep my eyes out for a post.
Kelly - thanks hon for the advise on TACT2 - I am swaying into the taking it as I have don’t feel I have anything to lose but lots to gain (possibly). How long have you been in the RAF?? I have been in the Navy for 19 years, I am 36 but joined at 17. I don’t go to sea as I had the choice. I was out in portugal with RAF guys and have a couple of friends that work at RAF bases further up north. We are on the South Coast (obviously - it is where the sea is)!!!
I will certainly let you know what ‘arm’ I get.

Have a great weekend girls - speak to you all soon, sending lol,
Tracy xx

Hi Tracy,

Congrats on your results, so pleased for you. I have my results on Monday from my sentinel node biopsy and lumps, I will also hopefully meet my oncologist too. Sounds like we will be doing things at similar times too, as I hope to start Chemo very soon, although I have a few worries with fertility. I hope your sports day went well and you all enjoyed it. I am aiming to return to work next week and am bridesmaid for my best friend next weekend. Was very worried as dress didn’t quiet look the same having had a double mastectomy!!! But my best friends mum has jumped the the rescue and made me a new top, I tried it on today and was so relived as you really couldn’t tell and I wont look that different from the others. The traumas of being a women!!

Have a great weekend,
Al xx

Hi Tracy,

I’ve been in the RAF for 10 years now, was a late starter!! They have been fantastic, both with me and my boyfriend who is also in the RAF but is on a different base to me. SSAFA are currently in the process of trying to get him posted to a base closer to home at the mo as we have a house together in Shropshire. We should find out early next week and I’m certainly keeping everything crossed!!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to let us know what ‘arm’ you get,

Take care,


Hi Kelly,
I am off to see the oncologist tomorrow morning. First day back at work and I have to leave at 1030!!! Oh well - somethings are more important. I am going to take part in the TACT2, the more I think about it, the more I realise I have to give it a go. If it helps any one person in the future then it has to be worth it. Once I accept will I find out straight away what arm I am getting or will I have to wait??
They want more blood tomorrow - I swear they have more of it than I do at the moment.

My other half is also in the Navy and yes, they have been great to him too - his boss (who I have known for years anyway), has given him the ok to come and go as and when I need him. We are trying not to use this at the moment while I feel ok - when the chemo starts I may need him around more. It is nice to know he has support too. Hope your boyfriend gets that job - fingers (and toes) crossed. Let me know,
sending lol,
Tracy xx