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Awaiting results Hi folks, I have recently been diagnosed with DCIS. I had a WLI last week which seemed to go well and I’m just a bit bruised but feeling fine and relieved to have the op over. I get the results on Friday. What can I expect at the consultation. Most of the info I’ve gleaned has been via the web. I’m not too anxious but want to be prepared for all eventualities.

If it is just pure DCIS with no invasive element, then your treatment is likely to be radiotherapy, possibly followed by hormone treatment.

You will be told whether they got clear margins. (On occasion, they have to go back in and scrape some more away.)

I would suggest that you take someone with you for this appointment, as it is very easy to forget what you are told.

Good luck with whatever comes next.


Fingers crossed for tomorrow then.

Dr told me the news was all good. Clear margins so no need for further surgery just five weeks of radiotherapy. I had to ask for specific pathology results. I was told it was grade 3 with necrosis but that it isn’t relevant as not invasive. Can anyone give me any info on this? I’m a bit perturbed that tissue could go from normal to nasty in one year.

Lucky you! From my experience, I think you’ve had some really good news! The important thing is that it’s not invasive, when they thought my DCIS was not invasive my surgeon told me I would be cured after surgery. Unfortunately for me, they had made a mistake and found that I did have tumour cells in two of my nodes and so had to go on to have chemotherapy and now herceptin - and there’s always the fear that some cells have spread somewhere else to make more mischief in the future. In your case, it was all contained within the breast ducts and they have removed it all - problem solved!

The rads must be just to be sure to be sure…

The Dr told me that radiotherapy would reduce my risk of recurrance by 2/3rds. So that’s got to be a good thing. I’m sorry your about your experience but hope you’re on the road to recovery. Thanks for replying.

Don’t be sorry Maire, I’m doing really well and I’m pure delighted for you, it’s always good to hear about a good result! I know also that what you’ve been going through isn’t easy and wish you well with your recovery.

All the very best of luck to you in the future!


I think my diagnosis was just like yours - grade 3 DCIS, but the most important thing is that there is no invasive cancer - we are so very lucky. I am 47, and was found as calcifications on my mammogram.

It has been the most emotional journey, but I have just finished my 5 weeks of radiotherapy, with hopefully no real problems, just a bit of sunburn type discomfort. i have met and become friends with many amazing ladies.

I think we have to hold onto the fact it could have been a totally different story for us if they hadn’t found it in time before it became invasive. My Oncologist has told me the chance of it coming back are in single figures and my prognosis is very good indeed. He actually said that I haven’t had a cancer - it was a pre cancer (that was like music to my ears.)

I am still obviously very scared and can’t yet think of anything too far in the future, am just hoping that the mental torchure of it all eases with time. Next August when I am due to have another mammogram is going to be an awfully stressful time.

Good luck to you with the radiotherapy - the surgery is by far the worst! All the best and remember we have been so lucky!



Thanks for that advice. It really is very reassuring. Does any one know if altering diet has any effect in reducing the chance of recurrance? I’ve heard that dairy products/alchohol consumption may be implicated.


I asked mt Consultant about that too, as i had read so many articles about what causes it and what we should or shouldn’t do.

He told me that NO ONE KNOWS what causes DCIS or Breast Cancer that is the problem.

He advised me to continue following a healthy diet, but said that a drink now and again wouldn’t do any harm at all.