Awaiting WLE and got strage breast changes.

Hi, I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else. I was diagnosed a few eeks ago and waiting for my op on 5th August. I had a very clearly defined lump which became less so after the biopsies. The last few days my affected breast feels very different to the other one. It feels like the skin around my nipple has thickened and it’s very hard underneath - difficult to describe. I’m going to speak to my nurse about it but anyone familiar with this?

Love, Maggie.

Maggie, I have clearly defined lump which seems to have got bigger since my biopsies, breast tissue in this breast feels generally harder, but other boob feels a bit funny too. Spoke to BCN friday and she said it’s probably swelling from the biopsies, but all outer bruising has healed, so I wasn’t convinced. Had MRI friday too, so won’t know what surgery I’m having till I get the results. It’s all so worrying I know, I have been worried so much I am actually starting to really irritate myself so I know I must be everyone else. It’s all the worrying and not knowing thats the worst for everyone. Hope someone can reassure you.

Love Traceyxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracey,

I’ve put this in the wrong section! (I’ve moved it for you from Have I got BC - Jo, Facilitator)

That’s exactly what mine said but I just don’t feel convinced. I’ll ring BCN tomorrow. It just feels like if I have the WLE it will leave now all these other changes there. Like you, I’m driving myself slowly round the bend just thinking about it all the time. I wish life could be normal again.

Lots of love, Maggie x


know what you mean about normal again - when I was lying in MRI friday I thought ‘what the bloody hell am I doing in here?’, why can’t I just be doing the garden, the washing, shopping, anything. I think we feel this way because it’s out of our control and it freaks you out. I will be keeping my fingers, legs and everything else crossed for us both.

Love Traceyxxxx

Hi Ladies

I had a WLE nearly 2 weeks ago. Following my biopsy my breast also felt different, firmer a bit heavy and larger, my lump was right underneath my nipple which I have since lost. I haven’t seen it yet as I still have the dressing on, I get them removed on wednesday. I spoke to my bcn and plastic surgen about the feelings following biopsy and they said the same, its your body healing after the biopsy,swelling and bruising. If its any help since surgery my boob feels more normal again.

Wating about is terrible time and all kind of thoughts run through your mind, I became paranoid about my armpit, thought I could feel a lump there too but when it was looked at it was fine, CT and bone scan fine too. This is a scary time for you don’t be too hard on yourself for worrying, we all do it.

If you have concerns speak to your bcn she may be able to put your mind at rest.

Wishing you both the best of luck with your surgeries (whatever is decided for you Tracey)

Take care

Catherine x

Hey Mole

I rang the Helpline as I did not want to be a wuss and ask the nurse at hospital in case she thought I was fussing. I did not have a lump but actually just the weeniest dip (like a stretch mark) pre biopsy. In fact mammogram did not pick the lump up but ultrasound did. After biopsy my boobs ( both, though only right one biopsied) felt premenstrual and the right one developed a network of what look like varicose veins but are not vein coloured along with more tiny lumps which I can feel on the surface of the breast.

Do not think it matters but ring nurse to set your mind at rest. We are both booked for surgery anyway and I doubt that it will make any difference.

Good luck


Tuesday xxx

Tracey, when do you get your results from the MRI? It’s the waiting which is so awful isn’t it. The week between my biopsies and diagnosis seemed forever, and now waiting for my op feels like months and months, although it’s only a matter of weeks.

Catherine and Tuesday, it sounds like changes are quite normal from what you are saying from your experience. Also, I had a little dent as my first sign.

I talked to my bcn today and she said it was unlikely that the cancer would advance so quickly. It could just be something I’d failed to notice before. She said I could go in and they’d have a look but my surgery is only a week away. I just have, like I had for my lump, a feeling that it’s not right.

Thanks everyone for your support, Maggie xx

Hi Maggie,

I get my MRI results next Tuesday 7th - I am expecting them to say that both breasts are completely covered in cancer!!!
paranoid or what? wish I could go to sleep and wake up next week. I first discovered my lump by a dent in the skin, I thought it was where my bra had been rubbing (if only) then when I put my finger there I felt the lump, which in my mind is as hard and as large as a paving slab! Even though I didn’t know anything about BC I think I knew is was sinister. Then went to my GP next day who reassured me it was probably a cyst (if only ) then after mammogram they asked me If I had had any sort of breast trauma (if only again!!!) Then had US done by a horrid little man who just said it looks like cancer, and that was the only thing he said to me the whole time, had biopsies and then confirm last week that I have Lobular cancer which is the less common one (trust me) thats why I had to have MRI as US does no always show true size,extent of tumour. But my breast surgeon is really lovely and made me feel much better - as for the harsh manner of the little twit who did my US and biopsies - I would of liked to have put his head between those mammo slides and squashed it flat.

I love the sound of your horse Harry, I have got a cat called Harry, one called Ruby and one called Lilly. They are a little bit put out at the moment at the arrival of puppy Ralph - but he is so sweet and tries to make friends with them and they just hiss and spit at him! I did have 3 horses, but had to trade them in for 3 children!!.

I have felt a little bit better today, don’t know why - cause everything is still the same, but I haven’t had that horrible retching, I think if i get too tired or don’t eat enough it makes it worse.

Hope your’e feeling good today, Your surgery is next week and I’m sure like me you just want to get it over with.

Take care of yourself,
Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracey, good luck for your results and may the wait not seem too interminable. I don’t actually know what sort of cancer I have yet. I asked my surgeon when diagnosed as I wanted to know the name (so I could hate it!) but it was non-specific. I was so lucky with all the people I went to. I had a lovely man and woman who did my biopsies. They told me exactly what noise the instrument would make, what was going on all the time and sowed the seed which really helped that it was likely to be cancer. I think crushing your little man’s head is the least he could expect in the circumstances!

Sometimes, strangely enough not yet with this, I get terrible retching and what I find helps (honestly!) is to eat a bit of chocolate. It seems to settle my tummy. I too stop eating when very stressed eg on diagnosis day…and then weirdly afterwards I went for a great big bean burger and chips at a Burger King with a friend!!

I’m a bit up and down at the moment as I have stopped work - annual leave til sick leave - and since I was first seen and recommended the WLE they have now suggested I may carry one of the faulty genes. I’ve had the tests and get the results in September which is very quick - but more waiting - and I’m now thinking that it would be much more sensible to have a mastectomy and be done with it. The trouble is we have to make these great big decisions so quickly. My bcn suddenly mentioned bi-lat mastectomy today for the first time which sent me into a flurry of rumination :slight_smile:

I’m very glad you have Ralph - nothing like a puppy/kitten/foal to cheer the spirits :slight_smile: Maybe you can have horses again when the children are grown. I think once they’re in the blood they are hard to leave behind.

I hope you continue to feel a little better. We’re all here to talk to anyway.

Love, Maggie xx.

I can not beleive that all of us had dents - I never for a moment ever heard that could be cancer, there is so much emphasis on lumps and like I said I thought I had a stretch mark. Someone should tell women about the stretch mark thing cos I had it for quite a while until a friend noticed it, even mentioned it and made fun of it with my partner.

I am telling everyone - get your stretch mark checked out.

Tuesday and try not to worry girls - worry is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do but does not get you anywhere. Forgot who said that, American film.

Maggie, - thanks for tip about chocolate and retching -anything’s worth a try. I haven’t had anything said to me about faulty genes, do you think I should ask as I have 2 daughters? I know what you mean about decisions about surgery and I like you keep thinking maybe I would be best rid of both, but maybe that will be decided for me when I get results. Its tuesday 5th my results - not 7th (fuddled brain) Is that the day of your surgery?

Horses are definetly in my blood, I have been riding since I was seven and it will always be a passion of mine. My animals are helping me and little Ralph just follows me everywhere - perhaps he’s my guardian angel!

Tuesday, I didn’t know about dents, dimpling either. I had heard of orange peel effect on skin but I didn’t have that. I am quite glad I did have dent though because I’m ashamed to say I didn’t do self exams and probably wouldn’t of discovered lump when I did. It would be interesting to know if any others had dents or dimpling of skin. Like you say most of thought it was all about lumps. Love your words of wisdom - got anymore.

Tonight is the night I usually go to my bereavement counciling group. As I have been dx since last meeting I have thought about it and decided now this has happened, not to go anymore. I think it was helping me and everyone was very supportive and nice, but I dont think I can handle a couple of hours of conversations about death at the moment.

Love and hugs Traceyxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Tracey,

the gene question is really difficult isn’t it, especially with daughters. Perhaps you could talk it over with your surgeon? I’m not sure how old you are. I’m 47 and my mum was diagnosed at 35 and because we’re both under 50 I think that was why we were referred to the gene clinic. If you are under 50 then it would definitely be worth talking it over with them as it may mean they need screening much earlier. It must be so hard when you have kids, especially daughters. There’s a section on the forum relating to this which may be useful :slight_smile:

The 5th is the day of my surgery…unless I decide I should have a mastectomy. Maybe it will be obvious for you from the results which may almost be a relief? I think I would find more direction better from my team but I guess they are limited in how much they can guide you.

So glad the animals are helping you. My friend has MS and I spoke to her tonight and she has just got a little dog which has helped a lot.

I’m so sorry about your husband. My ex-boss and now friend lost hers 2 years ago very unexpectedly, and it has just been so terrible. It must be hard having made friends at the group not to go, but as you say, maybe not the best thing at the moment. I think what we need is distraction don’t you! Nice films, walks with the dogs etc.

Sleep well…one less day to go to results :slight_smile: Maggie xxxx

Thanks Maggie,

I am 47 also - so perhaps I should ask about the testing at the clinic.

I’m glad it’s not long to your surgery and sorry your mum has suffered too. I have a good feeling about you Maggie and I know you will be okay.

Just been for last late walk with Ralph, the cool air was lovely but it’s so hot indoors it makes it even harder to sleep well. Oh well will try to drift off thinking nice thoughts.

Talk to you again soon,
God Bless

Hi Tracey,

hope you have had a good day today. I went for a really lovely walk with my school friend and spent time with Harry horse, and have my friend’s daughter stay for a few days. She’s 14 and spends quite a bit of time here. First question…‘why are you going into hospital?’ Deep breath…asked her how much she wanted to know and she said everything so I did. Hope I have done right. Also made the big decision today to ask for mastectomy rather than lumpectomy. Have been talking it through with bcn and left her a message today saying I have decided. I just feel too much of a risk with my mum’s history. I feel a bit sick! Feels like it’s been a bit of a day.

Take care Tracey - catch up soon.

Maggie xxxx