I feel that we need a thread as a go to for those of us struggling in the middle of the night.
I had my first cycle of FEC this afternoon and couldn’t sleep apart from a couple of short snatches of 10 minutes. I woke up from one of these and was sick at 2am. Hubby made me tea and have had a gingernut and spoke to YD who has just started uni and is waiting for a friend who is coming back from a night club after falling down the stairs. She is a proper mother and is the only one who cares to make sure that she is safe!
I have had a metaclopramide and I am hoping that I get the drowsy side effects so I can get some sleep.

Hope you got some more slerp Chaffinch and hope the sicknes went. Take your anti sickness of you need to or phone for help. I have slept ok but am awske early. Sleep was fleeting the first few nights after treatment - its the steroids i think. Sleep when you can. Thank goodness for the hubby’s hey xx

Maybe it is the steroids mainly causing you not to sleep. I only came back from my first appointment with anti sickness tablets. They didn’t give me any more steroids except the ones I took before treatment. I’ve had the opposite problem sleeping I’ve been in bed 12 hours in some cases and had minimal disturbances. My husband has been getting up for work at 7 and I roll over and go back to sleep lol.

Cassie x

Thanks everyone. I only have morning steroids for today and a further 2 days. I took them with my Ondesterone at about 7:30 so hopefully they went affect me tonight. I do wonder because I’m quite an anxious person whether by making me twitchy they made it worse. Every time I slipped into sleeping I sort of swooped awake like when you get woken suddenly just after you have dropped off. It was like being on a panicky roller coaster. If I continue to feel twitchy I might only take one tomorrow.