Awful hot flushes!

I am at my wits end, after 6 years on tamoxifen and latterly arimidex, I am having the most awful hot flushes.I have had hot flushes for years, and was managing them - but they have suddenly got a whole lot worse, horrible things! Up till the last few weeks i’ve taken them in my stride, but now…!!! Has anyone else had a sudden worsening of hot flushes at all, and if so, did they improve? I have read on another thread about gabapentin as a possible help, and I will hopefully try it, if my GP agrees, but have no idea why they should just have got so bad so suddenly. I am 53. Has anyone else experienced this?

Bumping this for you, only just started the hot flush journey and don’t have the answers for you.


Yes mine are ridiculous and my face burns particularly around ears and neck then spreading rapidly all over body and I feel clammy, hot and yuk. It also draws stares and comes on with no warning. Speaking to onc on 27th so let u know xxx

I started taking Tamoxifen in Jan this year and I am finding them a pain! Spoke to Onc yest who advsied i tried VIT E. I work in contact with the public and find the swating most embarrassing and would love any words of wisdom.
Jano XX

Hi everyone,
My hot flushes were really bad and were driving me crazy but I have been having Acupuncture at the hospital for the last 4 weeks and it really seems to be helping. They used these little seeds called Acuseeds too which are just stuck on your ears at a particular pressure point and they seem to make a difference too. Both are meant to help with the flushes, sleep and fatigue and however it does it I don’t know but it seems to help. Certainly worth trying.

hi, I was on tamoxifen for 2 and a half years, had flushes but like you coped, then changed to exemastane which is an AI like Arimadex and they have become a nightmare i get soaked could this be the problem ?


Thanks for your comments and suggestions ladies - Lynberi, the acupuncture sounds like a good idea - I had it during my chemo and it really helped with the SEs - also keeping my blood count up, so I will look into it. Annie, I think you are right, but the tamoxifen didn’t work for me (had a recurrence)so no joy there,unfortunately. I already take Vit E as part of Selenium ACE so don’t know whether that’s helping or not. Think I will invest in a mini battery powered fan!

love Mo

Hi Girls,
I bought myself a couple of wooden fans from a well known auction site and have one at work and one at home. At least the batteries never wear out!


Have you changed your brand of tamoxifen? I found my hot flushes got worse when I was given a different brand to normal. I find wockheart the best. Hope it gets better.


Hi can anyone help me I am new to this, I am on tamoxifen and have been on them for 3 months. I don’t seem to get hot flushes during the day but do get hot at night. Is this normal and do the symptoms fade or decrease the longer you take them. Also my monthly cycle has stopped. Is that normal too?

Thank you

Hello Ladies,
I’ve been on Arimidex for 5 weeks now. The SE’s kicked in very qiickly, pains in legs and feet and also hot flushes. I’ve recently been put on Citalopram (anti-depresants) they have actually stopped the hot flushes and the other pains are not quite as bad. I don’t want to stay on ad’s long term but they are helping for now.

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

Hi I was on tomoxifen for 5 years. At first the night sweats were horrendous these stopped after 6 mths helped by I think stopping all caffeine but as I also came off HRT at the same time as starting tomoxifen this may have added to the problems I was seeing with sweats but I’m sorry to say my hot flushes continued over the whole 5 years I was on Tomoxifen. I did go on evening primrose oil did nothing for the flushes but would recommend for helping with the mood. I still take it today and it is brill for the emotions but it was four weeks ago my 5 years was up on tomoxifen but my hot flushes are no better. In fact last few days they have been worse but I know this is because when tomoxifen stopped I was advised to start femara to lessen the chance of a reoccurance of breast cancer. I also know by my breast cancer nurse that tomoxifen continues having an effect on your body two to three months after stopping it so hopefully this is also why I am seeing more hot flushes than usual. As for joint pains no worse yet than they were on tomoxifen and for those asking I too kept waking in night do the hot flushes lessen overtime on femara? Hope reading this helps with the hot flushes JL

Well at least it saves on the heating bills, have my own internal radiator lol

hi i have been on tamoxifen a year next month i am still waiting for side affects to get better went shopping today came back looked in mirror looked like a mad woman bright red and blotchy cold sweats down back of neck i always carry baby wipes out with me to wipe face they are cool and refreshing ,at night now its cold my husband uses me as a hot water bottle.this is why we are all so tired not getting full night sleep to cope with our days.missmessyx

Read on another post that someone took sage tablets and they helped with hot flushes. As I’m due to start on tamoxifen in the new year might be trying it myself.

Lol I go next week to get my results from my mx. When I discovered the lump and inbetween the op I was getting terrible hot flushes. never had as many when I went through the memopause,lol. Now I’ve had the mx the hot flushes have stopped. I’d hate to think they will start again as the onc mentioned tamoxifen.


I find it hard enough going back to work without the hot flushes during the night which interrupt any sleep I may be getting and then feed into the tiredness during the working day, A never ending circle. i am on Tamoxifin but the Oncologist has only suggested Evening Primrose Oild which makes little or no difference as far as I am concerned. The answer would be to give up work…I wish…but I am not in a position to do so. Finding it more difficult each day and I am on reduced hours until Christmas. Goodness only knows what it will be like after that if this is how I am feeling now…any suggestions gratefully received. Heres hoping for a lottery win…lol

Hi all
here’s the link to the BCC publication ‘Menopausal symptoms and breast cancer’ which you may find helpful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/17/

Best wishes

Hi glossy, I too suffered from horrendous hot flushes day and night, i was having to change my clothes several times a day.
I was put on venlafaxine by my onc, and the flushes stopped almost straight away. I occasionally feel abit warm at night, but the fan for just a minute or so, and i’m ok again.
Worth a mention to your gp maybe.

Good luck
Sharon x

Thanks Sharon, have made a note of that. Have an appointment with Oncologist at end of month and will ask the question.