B-B-Q food

B-B-Q food

B-B-Q food Hi again
Whilst I was having my treatment the other day, I overheard a nurse telling another lady to stay away from BBQ food.
I haven’t been told this but to stay away from takeaways.

If you are cooking it yourself do you think it would be ok, or to be on the safe side, just stay away from it?

When the suns out and you can smell everyone elses BBQs going it makes you want one, and these sunny days are getting few and far between.

Cheers Take care


Hi Angie

as frustrating as it is I would do as advised and stay away from the BBQ food even if you are cooking it yourself I think its because it isnt cooked at a constant te,perature like in an oven would be plus it is in an open environment…


Hi Ang We have had a couple of BBQs - what we tend to do is cook it in the oven and then finish off on BBQ.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want all the fun things taken away from us, we just need to be a bit more careful.


ooo not been told that one ooops not been told anything about staying away from bbqs and weve had loads…not been told about the takeaway thing…cos thats the biggy craving i have when its chemo week…my chinky loves me lol…

bbq/takeaway I’ve not heard either of these things

Have had BBQ’S and takeouts since chemo started
This coming weekend we are planning takeout sat night and going to a big bbq at my parents for fathers day
Am I doing something wrong? Am worried now
Please let me know


Hi Ang

No I haven’t heard of this! In fact I am having even more BBQ’s in this weather as it’s the only time my husband attempts to cook! Also I have had far more takeaways than we usually have, because I frequently reach that stage in the evening when I can’t be bothered to venture into the kitchen and use tiredness as an excuse to not bother cooking!!!

I haven’t been told to avoid anything apart from alcohol within 48 hours of chemo (not that I can stomach it for at least 10 days and even then nothing like the quantities I used to consume!)

Has anyone else been asked to avoid certain things?

Take care

Nicky x

hope this answers your question Hi Ladies

one of the first things before I started Chemo was to ask what meds over the counter vitamin and herbal supps and which foods I could eat

Shell fish is a no no
bbq food
unpaterised dairy food
bio live yoghurt

all because thay can carry bacteria of some sort where you may well end up in hospital for 5 days on a drip and with takeaways they may not be as fresh as they appear and where you would normally be able to fight the bugs off because chemo leaves you with no immune system this is the reason why…there is also the hand washing and preparation of takeaway food.

some herbal and vit supps and meds interact with the chemo and some I believe stop it working properly

you may well want to ask you chemo nurse or onc as not all have the same principles but this has been the majority of peoples answers on here previously…

hope this helps

has anyone else been told to stay awat from bio live yogurt - I’ve not been told to stay away from anything at all.
I have had 2 chest infections and needed anti biotics and found the bio live yogurts excellent to restore some balance in the body that taking anto biotics create.

The only thing i can think of is it could be because smoked food ‘supposidly’ are cancer causing - but if this were true its probly only if you eat loads of it all the time. I can honestly say i eat anything i want - i try to eat healthly but not fanatical and have the odd macdo and smoked salmon. Personly i dont think it makes any different - -children get cancer before they have had a life time of eating rubbish so if you eat anything as long as its in moderation. I think its easy to get fanatical about stuff but i refuse to spend the rest of my life paranoid about what i eat or do.

Just be careful I think that BBQ and take-a-ways do leave you with a greater risk of food poisoning. I would just be careful. If you cook the food yourself you know how well it is thawed and cooked, whether hands have been wash etc. If you trust your take-a-way fine.

I went into a sandwich bar yesterday and looked at all the fillings covered in mayo with a dry crust forming on top and walked out. Wasn’t too sure about the staff either.

Just trust your commonsense. Shell fish may be worth avoiding - I had scallops in a very reliable restaurant and was a sick as a dog after and had to whizz up to A&E.

do keep enjoying life as others say this disease takes enough away from you - love Swanie.

LIVE VOGHURT I got told to stay away from live yoghurt. The rest of the things were just the same as when I was pregnant , raw eggs, pate, unpasturised stuff etc
Isn’t it silly that we all get different information

BBQ? - Hotel food?? Just read all the posts - me and hubs are off to Spain during week 3 between my 3rd and 4th chemo - next week!. Onc. has said its perfectly OK, go and enjoy ourselves, has never said I should avoid anything (other than a swimming pool) and that life should be carried on as normally as is possible.

Like others, I have spent the last couple of months living on takeaways - can’t face cooking too much - and BBQ’s so OH can feel useful, and refuse to let this damn disease stress me out anymore than it has already.

I am so looking foward to a bit of relaxation, sunshine (Iknow I’ve got to be careful) good food and hopefully good wine. Have arranged insurance, got plenty of sick tablets, antiobiotics (just in case) sun cream, hats, etc and can hopefully forget about the two days after my return when I go in for my next dose of poison.

Cheers Anne

To Anne Hi Anne


So pleased that you are off on holiday, hope that you have a fantastic time. Wish I could do the same! Glad to hear that you got insurance sorted, you will have to let me know sometime how you managed that! I would have gone away during chemo (I am 7 down out of 8) but my son is at the school where I used to teach (or rather where I am currently on sick leave from) so I would have felt that the parents’ would have been talking about me! I’m just paranoid I know!

Have a fantastic time and you will have to post and tell us about your holiday on your return (and make us all green with envy!)

Take care

Nicky x

ollies post is interesting I think maybe you should read ollies post on shingles she has put a bit about BBQ food


my onc The only thing my onc said to me…was no alcohol in any way shape or form including mouthwash…everything else as long in moderation was fine.

Weve had loads of bbqs…the only thing im fanatical about is chicken…that gets done in the oven, but weve always done that.
We dont have fish often cos hubs doesnt like it…but ive got a thing for smoked kippers about 2 weeks after chemo session. Everything else, well I just carry on as I did before all this. Ive got a healthy yet varied diet…strange concoctions at times but ho hum…cravings are cravings. Im a firm believer of if you have a craving for something…no matter how bizarre it is, your body is obviously telling you something that its short of something and needs it.

My onc said steer clear of anyone who is poorly for at least 7 days post last symptoms. But obviously, with two small children that can be difficult, however, so far so good. When have been poorly, I do restrict my time with them, depending on what ‘day’ count it is post chemo, no matter how heartbreaking it is for them and for me. So far ive been really lucky as my immune system has stayed the same as what it was right at the beginning. I only know this as my chemo nurses are surprised each week…and have checked it all the way back to the start and its not dropped at all. They say I must be either as strong as an ox…or downright stubborn. Me being me…id say the latter.


I was never told to stay away from bbq food or takeaways we went for currys,chinese meals etc, i have never had a problem
My advice would be,
Go to the take aways that you know you have been to before and never had a problem with and don’t go to ones that you don’t know.
I think that is good advice about cooking food firstly in the oven and finish off on the bbq.
Why shoud we stop doing the things that we enjoy we have enough problems trying to get back to normal just be a bit more careful thats all.

Wishing you all well

Best Wishes

Message for ssilver Hi Lucy,

You may not remember me but we exchanged a couple of posts about wigs at the beginning of our nightmare journey. You and your humour perked me up no end when I was feeling down.

Anyway, I was browsing through the sites when I came across a post of yours where you seem to be upset about the BBQ thread. Lucy, please don’t feel upset. You were trying to help and give advice. That’s what these sites are here for. Unfortunately, emotions are running high for everyone and sometimes people don’t like listening to common sense in their quest to keep everything “normal” especially where food and drink are concerned. I remember a while ago there was a ferocious thread about the Jane Plant book/diet and it ended with one of the posts being withdrawn as it was getting abusive. You gave your advice helpfully and politely. I don’t think you’ve particularly upset anyone it’s just that everyone’s different and you can’t please all the people all the time.

Lucy, thanks for drawing my attention to the subject because I’d not been told anything. I’ve been eating the occasional Chinese take-away but usually only before I’m due for a chemo when my tastebuds have been on the best side. I’ve probably been sailing very close to the wind. But, no more. Strangely, I really wanted a Chinese on Saturday after having a post chemo claggy mouth and dreadful guts all week… I’ve just had my first Taxotere and was expecting aches and pains in my joints - not my guts! But I’ve decided to be ultra careful for my next three chemo’s especially as Tax is supposed to be very hard on the immune system. As you say, it will be all the more enjoyable when chemo is finished.

I hope you don’t mind me “sticking my mutty in” and I hope your treatment is going well and you’re feeling ok. We are over half way there now - isn’t it great.

Take care
Jibby X

Hi to you all,

I have also read a few times in mags and in the paper that BBQ’d food can have a cancerous effect if the meat gets burnt, here’s something that ive got of the web which is similar to what ive read in the paper:

Grilling meat produces at least two types of potentially dangerous chemicals: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs). PAHs are products of imperfect combustion found in smoke and burned matter. In large enough quantities they will definitely cause cancer in humans. In BBQ grills they’re commonly formed when dripping fat flares up, charring the underside of the meat. In reality, you can get PAH’s when you burn your toast.

HCAs, whose possible role in cancer was more recently discovered, are the result of reactions between chemicals in muscle meat produced by high heat or prolonged cooking. In contrast to PAHs, HCAs are found inside the meat, not just on the surface, and can’t be easily scraped or trimmed off. Also in contrast to PAHs, HCAs aren’t necessarily more likely to be produced during grilling, they can be created when cooking in an ordinary frying pan if it’s hot enough

So Do I have to Stop BBQ’ing?
Are all types of BBQ equally risky? No. Mainly we’re talking about grilling over open flame at high heat, backyard barbecuing, in other words. Slow barbecue methods, which generally involve lower temperatures and minimal flame exposure, seems to be less problematic. When grilling, cooking meat till it’s well-done supposedly generates the most HCAs and PAHs, so you are better off leaving a little pink on the inside.

More Tips To Decreasing Your Risk of Cancer

Use a gas grill, you have better control of the heat and will have less flare ups. You are also not subject to the chemicals present in store bought charcoal.

Don’t burn your food

Avoid Flare Ups

Cook at lower temps

Microwave your meat for a few minutes before grilling, it will cook faster and decrease the time above an open flame.

How true this is i have no idea because your not allowed to eat or drink anything these days without it causing some kind of cancer, eat grass thats what i say, ive read its safe!

take care all,