Back ache after surgery

Hi I have recently been diagosed with stage 2 Dcis grade 3 breast cancer I have just had an operation to remove the lump and 2 lymph nodes to check to see if the cancer has spread.
I have been told I will need Radio and chemo as I am trible negative and the doctor wants to make sure all cancer has been removed.
Since I have been diagosed I have had a dull ache in my back, sometimes the top sometimes the bottom of my back, I have put it down to stress, but I do worry that the cancer is in my bones, has anyone else had pains in there back after being diagosed or after surgery.
I have been told if is early stage of breast cancer but the back pain is making worry more.
Thanks xx

Hi Carmel ,I think everyone has exactly the same fears ,every little ache and pain that you wouldn’t have thought twice about before becomes suspicious .Have you had any scans to help re-assure you ?

Ps all the stress may well contribute to the
backache .

No not had any scans, at the moment chest x ray before the operation,
I am due back on Wednesday for the results and the treatment plan x

The waiting and not knowing exactly what you are dealing with is very hard .Have you mentioned your back pain to surgeon /oncologist - they may do a scan to re-assure you .

No I will on Wednesday in my next appointment,
It has happened all so very fast I have only found out 2 weeks ago that I had breast cancer and had the operation a week later due to a cancellation coming up and i was offered the chance to bring it forward.
I am sure it will be just the tension in my body, I am a busy mam and have a stressful job so this is the first time I have had to spend a great deal of time in bed and relaxing and now i an feeling every ache and Pain.
I am just worried as you hear so many stories that with early breast cancer then leads to bone cancer some years later and as you don’t always get a bone scan you never find out at the time.
Thank you for replying it means alot xx

If there any indications that it may have spread beyond the Breast they will do a scan as a precaution ,yes it can come back many years later in the bones but it’s actually quite rare for it to have spread when you are first diagnosed - think it’s only in about 5% of cases .Stay away from google it caused scares you with worst case scenarios - everyone is different - just concentrate on what your team tell you .