back ache - help?

Over the past week i have been getting a back ache on my right side a few inches above my butt. The pain is slowly getting more persistant and more noticable when i’m sitting down or standing still. When i’m moble i don’t really feel it.

I feel i’m getting paranoid and turning into a hypocondriac. I don’t trust or know my body anymore and i am really worried about this pain. Sometimes it feels almost like a hot stabbing pain and i really feel scared. With all this crap going on with Jade goody as well is upsetting me even more of what could have been and what could be.

I’m looking for some advise from you lovely ladies as to what this pain could be ?
please advise

Hi Sukes,

I certainly understand what the paranoia is like! I finshed treatment in June 2008.
It sounds like pain in your sacro-illiac region which I have on and off and I believe is quite common. In fact mine has come on recently too and the only thing I am taking comfort in is the fact that I have had it before.
I think the rule about “if it persists for 2 weeks or more and is getting no better, get it checked out” is a good one to go by. Also, my understanding of
the pain caused by bone mets is that it is pretty persistent and can hurt at night, even affecting your sleep. But everyone’s experience is different, so back to the 2 week rule…

Best wishes


Hi cathrine,

Thanks for that. Ihave just googled what you suggest and it sounds about right. it also suggest that hormone changes can cause it and i am on tomaxifen.

We finished treatment about similar times. I finished chemo in august 08 and every few months or so i havea spell of paranoia. The slightest pain or ache becomes so amplified i become worried. Not just for me but for my hubby and 3 golden angels.

thanks for the advise

Hi Sukes

I am 33 yrs old and only on herceptin, had masectomy, chemo, radio and was diagnosed last May with BC.I have just got lower back pain, and am really worried, I’m sure i’m being too paranoid also.

If its not gone by the end of the week then I’m going to my doctors. Will we ever live out lifes and not be in fear of this cancer.I’m not so sure.


I’m posting this on behalf of new user Marie.

Regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi, I get lower back ache too, like when you sit on a hardback chair. Its like in your bottom itsnt it? I think its the Armidex tabs. My ankles hurt too and its definately the Arimidex. I’ve just started taking the Glucosamine with Chondroitin. So hoping this helps. Marie.

I think the 2 week rule is a good one. I also have pain on the lower right side of my back, but I have what is described as a ‘lucent area’ on the x ray at very top of my left leg bone where it meets the hip bone, which is really sore and has been for ages, that’s why I had an x ray and then a bone scan , which happily was negative, so I have probably been walking funny. Am seeing bone consultant this week.

I really know what you mean by the paranoia though, I am exactly the same. I think the Jade Goody coverage has made me think more about my cancer than I had (finished treatment end of Nov 08), it certainly has made my husband face up to it more.

Anyway, I digress, the pain could be a number of things; I’d wait the 2 weeks and see if it has gone away.


hi ladies

I just wanted to join in here to say that I too have loads of pain in different areas, particularly shoulders, arms, hip and leg - also sometimes in my back.

I’ve had these pains for at least 3 months now but my Onc seems very laid back about it, saying I had a clear bone scan back in June last year, and he’s not worried its bone mets. Me, well paranoia or what! The pain is worse at night and I do have great difficulty sleeping. I just think how long is this going to go on before they investigate.

So I think the 2 week thing doesn’t always apply, and I’ve been told my pain is a result of taxotere and herceptin so don’t worry!

I feel the same as you ladies, I want to get on with my life but something is always there.

Hope your back eases soon Sukes, and good luck

P xx

hi ladies i’ve just posted here but dont know where its gone.

thanks for the comments it makes me realise i;m not alone and not going mad. this damn disease really messes up with your head and i hate it. i just dont know me anymore.

my back hasn;t been as bad as yesterdaay but still hurting.

i spoke to the bcn and she also said give it a few weeks an if no improvement she will arange some further investigation

i too was on taxotere and now on tamoxifen.

thanks for the responses i know i;m not alone.


Hi Sukes

As you can see, you are certainly not alone. It’s so hard once you’ve had bc to just ignore niggles and you automatically wonder if it’s the cancer again and it’s a horrible way to live. I’ve certainly had discomfort and pain in my hip, bottom, lower back etc and I got really scared but you know what, it’s gone now and of course then other aches and pains appear and then I get scared again - not nice I know. I think to myself - now is there anything which can be causing the pain? Did I sleep in an odd position, am I stiff, do I need to do some stretching or exercise? I know I slouch a lot and I know that causes back problems. It’s so easy to over analyse and no wonder. Pleased to hear your back has eased up a little and like your BC nurse says, if no improvement, make an appointment and have it checked out.
Best wishes and hugs
Ruby xx