Back Ache

Hello everyone ,Any advice about how to lie still for 75 minutes . I am having bilateral radiotherapy and with Xray imaging and treatment I find it hurts  my back muscle to lie still for so long . Is there a way to manage the discomfort ? 

Have you just started treatment ? It always takes longer the first few sessions whilst they get the measurements right after that it’s alot quicker . I only had one breast done and it only took about 10 minutes in the end from start to finish .Tell the radiographers you are having issues , there may be some way to break the session up for you to make it a little easier .

Hello @Evolve  

I would echo what Jill says, whilst the initial “planning” appointment requires you to lie in one position for a while the actual treatment sessions are much quicker. 
The radiotherapy teams are in my experience incredibly kind empathetic and understanding of the discomfort their patients undergo and should listen to any concerns you have. My sister in law is tetraplegic and in a wheelchair she cannot be lifted and has to be hoisted: she needed RT for another type of cancer and her team were able to address all her needs to deliver the RT she needed. 
Don’t be afraid to speak up!

AM xxx