Back Again ..... :-(

Hi Ladies
Wow it’s been a good 2.5 years since i’ve posted on here…
April 2008 I was first diagnosed, a few days after my 25th birthday… With my little girl who was just 3, and my baby boy 11 months and breastfeeding I had a huge fight on my hands!! No family history at all and a GP wanting to believe mastitis was the cause I had to fight to be heard… DX with stage 3 aggressive BC & DCIS surrounding the cancer lump I had an immediate mastectomy… 4 x EC & 4 x Taxotere later, 5 weeks of Radiotherapy followed by 2 years of Zolodex & 3 of Tamoxifen … Reconstructions finally completed after huge complications and serious infections and my life started to feel mine again…Something told me things were not right when I started to feel bloated, and a huge smack in the face in Oct 2011 when DX with Liver Mets, and a week later Bone Mets too… Totally stunned, shocked, angry… But ready to fight this again… Positivity got me through last time, and I’ll do all it takes again to see my babies grow up. Wanted to send you all a great big hug, I don’t post here much as I have an amazing support group on Facebook. Brings back smiles looking through here as I’m on the front cover of the younger women with BC booklet and inside the hair loss one looking very different to today !! I wish you all the very best in fighting this damn disease…
Much Love, Lauren xxx

Hiya Lauren good luck with your treatment hunny.

Lulu x

hi lauren
So sorry that you are back. I was diagnosed with bone mets september 2011 just weeks after finishing chemo and radiotherapy. It was a shock as i thought i was fine. So i can understand how you must feel at the moment.
There are some good forums for you to read through in the secondaries section. see the ‘bone mets please join in forum’ and i think there is also a liver mets forum as well. You will be able to talk to people who are going through what you are going through and there are some peoople on there who are years down the line being successfully treated. I found it helpful to know what treatments everyone is having and if you are having a ‘down’ day there is always someone who will help with a few words of encouragement.
Big ((hugs)) to you. xxx

Hi Lauren,

I like joules was diagnosed with bone mets in September 2011, when my daughter was just 3. I can understand where you are coming from as she was only 6mths old at my original diagnosis and I said then I would fight this horrible disease and I am determined to see her grow up. There are some really ‘good’ forums on here and lots of positive stories, which always helps.

Hi Lauren,

So sorry to read your post:-(. Another young one joining the secondary club. I was dx’ed in June 2009 when I was 24 - primary and secondary at the same time. I too have liver and bone secondary.

Any time you would like to talk, just send me a message. I have a FB account too.

Big hug xxx

Hello Lauren,

Nothing useful to say, just wanted to ‘welcome’ you back. I hope things go well for you. Keep us posted!

Carolyn x

So sorry to hear your news you sound strong and I think thts one of the main things when it comes to fighting this thing. Could you tell me what symptoms to look out for for the mets n how they found out like you I have bloating x

Sorry ladies only just come back on here. Thank you for your support, and god bless you Miao RIP xxx

Hi llolly just read the above posta and wanted to wash you well, hope you are continuing to fight this foul disease
mandy xx