Back again?

Hi all, I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer just over two years ago. Had WLEs & SNB’s followed by radio which has left me with permanent nerve & tissue damage, not yet under control. Had my second year mammo early Jan, all ok. My follow up appointment at the clinic was not until last week where they recommended I have an ultrasound on the lymph nodes under one arm. Had this on Monday and there were clearly some concerns because they did some biopsies there and then. When I asked what they thought was going on I was told that ‘something doesn’t look right on the scan’

Have been fairly calm and detatched about it for the last couple of days but am now starting to wobble.

Expecting the results early next week but, as you can see from the time of this post, I am finding it hard to switch my mind off, that endless reel of ‘what ifs’ that we all know and hate!

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Sue x







Hello sue
Welcome to the forum and we are all holding hands together for you that its just the hospital being very on the ball and its just a wobble …
Please keep in touch with us when u get the results.
Carolyn xxx

Susu, Testing and waiting for the results is pure torture! Let’s hope it’s nothing and you can close this book once again. Try to keep busy! I’m sure your head is spinning. Come back and let us know what’s up! Hugs! FF

Susu, so sorry to hear you have found yourself in this agonising place, There is nothing worse than waiting for results. I am keeping everything crossed that your medical team are being extra cautious and it turns out to be nothing. Whatever happens remember we are all here for you…rant, scream, cry, whatever you want. Holding your hand in cyberland. xx