back at work

Hi Ladies.
I’ve just gone back to work after crashing and burning just before Christmas. I’ve just got my five year all clear but before that happened I slowly realised I wasn’t quite as I expected. I thought that after five years I would be back to “normal” or dead. I’m neither. It has been very hard to come to terms with.
Gone back to work as a staged return sorted by my authority. Work, HR and everyone been fab. This is how I should have done it five years ago. Take it very easy when you go back.

Chinook, you have written about what i am afraid of! . Glad the phased return is working for you.  How have you organised it?  Alll mornings or a bit of a mixture?

Hi Chinook


I think this explains why i am off sick at the moment!


I worked through ops, more ops, kids, house and negligence case (another story) . End result, phoned Gp for sick note 2 weeks ago, due to return in 2 weeks.


I was aware i was not right, but did nothing, now i am  at a crossroads, hence my other thread on this section.


So glad you are doing things the right way. Just out of curiosity, when you say crashed and burned, do you mean with the stress of work?


naz xxx