Back for the 3rd time, advice needed please x

Hi everyone,
I was 29 when I was diagnosed originally with breast cancer Aug '05. It was grade 2 er-/pr-, Her2+++. I had a full mastectomy with ANC, 6xFEC & 1 year of Herceptin. I had a recurrance in the skin & on the muscle March '08. I had my reconstruction removed, 6x Taxotere, radiotherapy & another year of Herceptin (which I finished in June).
A couple of days ago, I found another lump inbetween my breasts kind of where the breastbone is. I have seen my consultant today who took a FNA & an ultrasound. He told me that it does not look good & that he would arrange to have it removed ASAP. The results will be back on Monday.
I was just wondering if anybody had experienced anything similar & what course of treatment was offered. I am preparing myself for more chemo but what type would I be likely to have if FEC, Taxotere & Herceptin have obviously not worked? Also would this be classed as a recurrance as it is not actually in my breast tissue.
I apologize for the long post but I am feeling very confused & scared.
Thankyou in advance, Lisa x

Hi lisa, I can’t give you any advice, but will send my love and best wishes to you, take care hopefully others will be along soon to give you some advice, love junieliz

Dear 111lisam

I am so sorry to read the tough time you are having. Have you spoken to any of our breast care nurse specialists on our free helpline? It is open Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-2, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

So sorry to hear your news. Sorry i to can’t offer any advice but wanted to say i am thinking of you and sending you cyber hugs

XX Gina

lisa sorry to hear you news. i dont have any words of wisdom im afraid…

i had bc in 2006 and then got a new primary in other breast this year both very different… didnt need chemo first time but on epi-cmf this time.

there are different chemos available but it will depend more on your results.

thinking of you

take care


HI Lisa,

Not sure if I can be of any help but… I was dx with IBC in 2005, had a local recurrence on my mast scar during rads. After a WLE was performed I was dx with skin mets along the scar line. I have been advised that a recon is out of the question for me due to this history.

I’ve had FEC and Taxotere along with herceptin. Tykerb and capcetebine, trying to control the mets, however they continued to progress eventually. I am now back on herceptin and aromasin and things are stable, though the mets are not fading.

Hope you get some answers soon,
Take Care
Jackie x

I am a lot older than you so probably different treatments would apply.

I was first diagnosed in 1986 at the age of 38, I had a lumpectomy and rads. I had no problems until Nov. 2005 when I had a recurrence, I had a mastectomy with LD reconstruction and was given Tamoxifen which I didn’t get on with and only took for 12 months.

I have had another recurrence this time on the opposite side so I am at the moment undergoing 3 weeks of rads and have been taking Fermara for 2 months,to date I seem to be getting on with it all right.

This time it has given me a real shock as I was so sure that it would’nt come back having had 20 years in between my first and second. I don’t feel so complacent this time and know I must stick with the Fermara.

I hope your results are not as bad as you fear but understand how you feel, while I was waiting for my results from the scans I was terrified, its the unknown I can’t handle.

Take care.


hi i have had problems 3 times too.
first time 1991 right breast wle nodes removed chemo rads.
2nd time 2007 right breast mas+recon node clearance chemo classed as a recurrence
3rd time 2009 left auxillary nodes total clearance no treatment yet as classed as a secondary and other scans were clear for the time-being and as triple-neg onc does not want to waste chemo options as he feels cancer will be back soon enough then he will know how to deal with it. my cancer did not go into breast tissue either. strange the way it works.
i am 48yrs old and feel i am sitting on top of a huge cliff waiting to be pushed from behind.
hope all goes well for you let us know how you get on.