Back from clinic

Hi all

First stop was mammogram (didn’t hurt like the old machines used to) and I read into everything the radiography said…‘Have you got someone with you today’ ‘Hopefully you will get some answers today’ etc etc

Then I got called in by a nurse to see the radiographer had a feel and then done the ultrasound.
He just said ‘Thats a cyst… Do you want to keep it or do you want me to drain it?’

My eyes welled up and I asked him to drain it. The nurse was so sweet and gave me a tissue. I was so relieved I didn’t flinch when he literally stuck a big (but fine) needle in and drew off some yucky green fluid.
He said I have more cysts in my breast and in view of my family history, I must return if any become obvious. But he was happy to leave them for now. I can’t feel anymore but will definately be more breast aware now.

Good luck to all of you who are still waiting. I will be coming back on to check up on you all!
Thanks to all on the forum who have been so supportive. You are all lovely, brave ladies and I wish you all well.

Good news, Honeypot, Well done!

Hi Honeypot,

Thats such great news, champagne I think so pleased for you. I am still wondering about Jocro she went back last night for results but not posted yet.

I’m at consultant Monday so fingers crossed feeling more positive as cysts seem to be the most common finding :slight_smile:

Foxy x

Great news for you - l am so so pleased…x

Thanks ladies

I was wondering about Jocro too…lets hope ‘No news is good news’

Ummmm Champagne! Not a bad idea Foxy!

I will have everything crossed for you on Monday

Thats great news…think you deserve a glass of wine tonight xx

Hi HP,

Good news eh, and I am sure you’re relieved. You can stop now, and relax a little.

It does make us more aware of how we have to be alert with our mammaries, and I am very much so now, although I do know where to draw the line and not end up at the doctors, with every twinge I feel.

Enjoy that glass of wine, and your children, you can heave a huge sigh of relief.


I am thinking about you this afternoon. Please come back and update us.

Sommer - Thanks for your support.
Whilst I am hugely relieved, I don’t like the fact that there are more cysts lurking underneath the surface :frowning:

Radiographer said lots of women develop cysts at my age - Yeah, thanks for that!

It was so nice to be able to give my parents good news, but its all so bittersweet as we are all still grieving for my brother.

Wine definately on the menu tonight - just waiting for a dry period to be able to pop to shops. Looks like I could be waiting while :wink:

That’s fabulous news honeypot, really pleased for you. Foxy big hugs for mon. I wish tues would hurry up, but also wish it wouldn’t x

I am so pleased for you Honeypot. I was thinking about you today and just came on here to see if you had got back to us. That is excellent news.I am really really plesaed for you.

F xx

Fab news!!! So pleased for u xxx
Sorry i havnt been on- had a hectic few days but my news is also good- I have fibro cystic breasts, he said clumps of tiny cysts and nothing to worry about, didnt mentioned them being drained so they must be small. It was such a relief, there was around 10 of us in all who went in for results, they were all coming out one by one with good news, a lady went in before me came out very upset so i guess it wasnt good news :(. By the time i came out my husband was in tears in the waiting room-bless him. Think it hit home with him when he saw the lady really upset. Carnt stop thinking about that lady now, she must be around same age as me :(((. My husband does alot for charity via his job- he said next charity event he does will be for breast cancer. I will keep checking on here if you dont mind as I would like to see how foxy and pcaz are, everythings crossed for good results xxxxxxx

What a relief Jocro! So pleased for you. It must have been horrid to see that lady so upset :frowning:
Our clinic is new and design is good as you exit through another door after ultrasound. So no one in waiting room sees you again!
I still have other cysts too but unless they are troublesome they are going to leave them.

Have a great weekend celebrating with ur gorgeous family xx

Am pleased you got out with good news, Jocro…

So who’s left, Scared and pcaz?

pcaz was told 99.9% not bc and that she can go on holiday in May :slight_smile:

Foxy is next one to clinic on monday for mammogram results and then scared is on tuesday.

And now fizzywizzy who needs her GP appointment first.

Don’t think we have heard back from Mum47 yet (appointment yesterday)

Hope I have got that right!

Just hope we don’t have to welcome anyone else to the waiting room over the weekend…

Thats fab jocro, been thinking about you and hoping you were just busy celebrating! Thanks for letting us know. I’m trying not to think about tues, each time I do my stomach sinks, l have the feeling that just as everything’s going well in my life its just typical that something bad happens :frowning: Got a busy weekend and day at work on monday so that will help.