Back from my clinic appointment

Hi everyone,
My appointment was at 9am and I’m back already 10am!! Everything is fine and it’s just a fatty lump attached to normal breast tissue (I’m sure that’s what he said) I’ve been scanned and seen by a lovely consultant… so I’ve been advised to keep an eye on it for the next few months and that’s that. I want to thank everyone who has shown lovely support and I’d like to wish those starting there journey with appointments and tests the very best of luck your in the great hands on this forum and although like me the anxiety does get the better of you I’ve read so many stories on here over the last few weeks with good outcomes… I hope you all get good results and for those who don’t I wish you all the best in your roads to recovery
Much love

Fab news, Michelle, thanks so much for letting us know & for your lovely message. It will be so reassuring for those coming up behind you. 

Even if the news is not so good, it’s certainly still not the end of the world, as many of us who have been through it, now realise. 

In the very best possible way, I really hope you don’t need to come back again!

ann x

So good to hear this Michelle! wonderful news, the stress is just awful so really enjoy the euphoria you will be feeing right now!! Xx 

I was in a bad way this morning :frowning: the doctor was amazing while having my first examination I was shaking like a leaf… once I left my legs were like jelly and I’m totally exhausted now these last few weeks have been hell im so tired but feel great that it’s over I just wish this was the out come for all… bless you all