Back home from Mammo and US - Questions (m)..

Back home from Mammo and US - Questions (m)…

Back home from Mammo and US - Questions (m)… Hi! I am 37. Had my mammo and us this am for a palpable abnormality in the upper outer left quadrant of breast which I just noticed over the last two weeks and for ongoing breast pain for about the last 6 weeks. My ob also felt the abormality and that’s why he sent me. The mammo Dr. said he could not see anything abnormal other than the Aysemmitric breast tissue thingy in the left breast. Then during the U/S, the tech then brought the doc in to show him on the screen the area she felt and he looked and looked and said “looks like fibrous tissue”. Ok, I had that two years when I had my 1st mammo, it has not changed, I don’t know he didn’t really say. But it must have if I can feel it now and it’s tender and what about the shooting pains in ONE breast that is surely not cyclic pain?

He said true…he didn’t know how to answer that. He then continued to say that mammos and u/s are not always the definitive diagnosis and don’t always catch breast cancer. So I asked about a biopsy and whether or not you can “biopsy” fibrous tissue" and he said that was up to me and my Dr. So, can you? My Dr. did say that if I choose (mammo and us come out fine) I can have it excised, but then would he send it for lab work to confirm benign or malignant? I think that’s the only thing that would put my mind at ease.

Has anyone here ever HAD cancer that did not show up on us/mammo but on a biopsy or an excision of fibrous tissue?

What do I do next? Let it rest or ease my mind and ask for the excisional since it’s giving me so much grief?

Oh and a good laugh, the mammo tech looked at me after taking my left mammo and said “WOW, are you dense!”, I looked at her and said “no I’m not!” LOL! We both laughed (she meant my breast, not my brain).
Thanks for listening

Dear Greenacres Welcome to the forums, I am sure you will receive valuable advice and support from other forum users very soon. In addition, please feel free to contact our team of helpliners for further support, information and advice which may help you to clarify some of the queries you have at the moment which are causing you concern.

The confidential helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm on freephone 0808 800 6000.

Hi greenacres,

I had IBC. This type of cancer does not show on either mammo or U/S. I had 7 core biospies taken and these confirmed my cancer.

I remember the radiologist saying, at the time of doing the U/S, that he could see my breast was swollen and tender but could not see why on the scan.

Don’t know if this is helpful as obviously it’s a totally different type of cancer.

good luck with your test results,