Back on 3 yearly national screening - scary !

Hi - was always on this forum at time of diagnosis in 2016. Had high grade DCIS - had lumpectomy then radiotherapy. Yearly mammograms for 5 years which ended in 2021. Now on national screening of 3 yearly mammograms. I am well. 
3 years seems long time to wait after all that surveillance. 
Was wondering if I should have a private mammogram halfway through the 3 years ( at least for this first time) but seems costly plus you have to have the whole Doctor consultation thing too which I don’t need. 
 Mammogram  would be for reassurance ( my sister had breast cancer that recurred after 7 years- no genetic link , have been investigated

Has anyone gone down route of private mammogram ?      X

Dear Aggielou,

Always a worrying time when things get changed, at the moment I’m lucky enough to still get yearly mammograms however I was certainly go down the road of going private as soon as my yearly ones come to an end. I know it’s costly, but you can’t put a price on your health so if you feel you can afford to do this, I would say go ahead for peace of mind.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward 

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

In Manchester the protocol has changed I am due next year for the five year mammogram and was due to return to three-year screening . However because of my family history ( my sister died of breast cancer ) am now getting yearly mammograms till I am 70 in five years time . It’s a bit of a postcode lottery but I would have paid for a private screening just couldn’t have faced a three- year wait