Back pain

Hi, hope I’m probably worrying about nothing, but I’m really concerned because I’ve had pain in my lower back for three days now which is making walking and standing extremely difficult. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, followed by mastectomy and chemo in 2012. I’ve had a niggly ache in the same place in my back for a couple of years on and off but this is the worse it has been. I was previously referred for an mri scan in 2014 which just showed normal wear and tear in the left side of my lower back (the pain I feel is on the right however ) my gp has given me painkillers although they don’t seem to be helping much. I hope I’m not waffling too much but I’m seriously worried ?and wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

Hi Jane,
My secondary cancer in spine and pelvis showed up as sciatica in my lower back and leg which led to quite a bad limp. I’ve been prone to sciatica for decades so initially wasn’t worried until it seemed to not improve over about 4 weeks. What I would say is, it’s probably nothing and you’ve not had it long but, given your history of cancer, you definitely need to get it checked out, for peace of mind anyway. Be brave and phone your doctor or,even better your mcmillan nurse, if you have one, tomorrow. Best wishes. xxx

Hi Waffles, thank you so much for your message. This horrible desease makes you worry about every ache and pain sometimes. However, as my back doesn’t appear to be improving much ( and I seem to have every symptom going - after googling - silly thing to do I know lol!), I’ve made my mind up to make another appointment with my gp ( never had a Macmillan nurse unfortunately ) . One again, thanks for the advice and take care, Jane ?

Hi Barton, thank you for your words of support. It helps just to be able talk about it with people who have been there. So sorry to hear of your situation and I know I may be worrying over nothing before I have the facts. However , my mum developed secondary cancer in her spine, so it’s the first thing that crosses my mind. Anyway, after doing nothing but rest my back over the past 3 days ( feel ok when I’m laying down lol), and being bored out of my mind, I decided to try and drive to my friends, but when I got there I was in sheer agony lol, so I’ve decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to hospital tomorrow . Did you already know about the osteoporosis when you had the compression fractures? X