Back to breast clinic 2nd time this year. Advise please

Hello All,


Just come for some advise from you lovely lot.


I found a lump in my right breast back in Feb time and was referred to breast clinic for the results which came back in May as begin and to leave the lump as its hormones.


I have found a lump in my left breast in the exact same place as my right.

The only thing is the right breast is still a bigger lump.


I went to my doctor last Monday who referred me back to the breast clinic as I was in so much pain with my breast (I was due on my period).


I have now come off my period and lumps have both gone down in size.


I’m at the breast clinic Saturday the 23rd (Day before Christmas eve).


Its so strange I just don’t feel as worried as I did the first time…. Or should be?


I’ve done so much research and apparently having the lump on the same place on both breast is nothing alarming and that’s just how they are suppose to be.


Fingers crossed for Saturday and that it will be ok news for Christmas. Xx  



Hi, just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow and it is great that you are being seen before Christmas so that you can get peace of mind.


Helena xx