Back to consultant 3rd time!

Got my appointment for seeing consultant for 11th Dec not to long, but just want to get to bottom of the problem, have tried all things regrding hormones, and still getting pain and nipple still different, I am hoping the consultant and put some light on the situation, this has been going on since October.
Just wanted to rant really. Hugs to allxxx

Hi Shelly79,

Sorry you haven’t had any responses to your post as yet. Please do give the BCC Helpline a call if it would help to talk to someone in confidence, thay can offer information and support Tel. 0808 800 6000 (lines reopen at 9am on Monday).

All the best for your appointment on the 11th.

Kind regards,

Anna, BCC Facilitator

Hi shelly
how did it go yesterday? I hope you it some answers, or a plan to get some answers?

Hi Shelly
It’s been a while - are you OK? Any answers?
Best wishes