Back to work on 23rd!!!!!!

After having 11 months and 2 weeks off I will be returning back to work on the 23rd June. I was diagnosed last July and after therapeutic mammoplasty, chemo, radiotherapy and a reduction to my good boob I feel it is now time to look forwards and not backwards. I have had 7 doses of Herceptin, only 11 more to go.

I have kept in contact with my workmates throughout my treatment but it is only just recently that I haven’t cried when I have gone into work.

I work in a bank so I needed to get my confidence back before I went back. I work 18.5 hrs per week but I will be returning on a gradual return. I think it will be done over 6 weeks.

I don’t always post but I always read the threads and have picked up some good tips. So thank you all.

Love Angela


Hi Angela
great news take it easy dont overdo it.

Love Debsxxx

All the best for your return to work Angela, hope it goes really well.

magsi x

Thank you both for your comments. I am actually looking forward to going back to try and get some normality back in life.

Angela x

Hi Angela,
I went back to work about 10 weeks ago, I job share teaching in a nursery class so only do three days a week.
I also went back on a phased return working the first week intil 1p.m. then 2p.m. and so on.
However it was really tiring for the first few weeks, and as soon as I got home I went to bed for about an hour, which is so unlike me. So be prepared.
But its really good to be back, it certainly takes your mind of other things!! and its a great confidence boost to realise that you are still able to do the work, if that makes sense. Half of the children in my class were new having started in January when I was away, so to them I was an unknown person. Despite only being away 4 months I was slightly apprehensive as to whether I still had the skills needed - I soon relised that I did, as did the children!!
Take it easy as you go back. Colleagues soon forget that you have had surgery and treatment and sometimes expect you to be functioning as you did previously with the same level of energy you had before, which you may or may not have.
So all the best for Monday morning.
Magsi x

Hi Angela

I return in two weeks. I normally work three days a week but have a two hour each way commute. I am just going to do one day on first week and see how it goes. Like you, Magsi, I am sure all my skills have vanished and am petrified that on my first day I will have forgotten everything. Angela, I wish you the best of luck. Take it gently - no medals for the quickest return! will be thinking of you on Monday.


Well I have managed to do my first day at work. Only did 3 hours but I feel so tired. After about half an hour it was if I’d never been away. Got my priorities right though, as I have managed to get my holidays sorted and changed the rota already.!!!

Hope your return to work goes smoothly Cathy but I think sometimes the thought of going back is harder than actually doing it.

Thank you everybody for your kind words of support.

Angela x

Well done on getting your 1st day over with and congratulations on getting the holiday days and changing the rota.

Hope things keep going in the right direction and you will soon be back in the thick of it at work.

Hi Angela - great you got your 1st day over with. I am due back to work in the next couple of weeks. Not sure what date as I only see occupational health tomorrow.

I was looking forward to it because I am going back on a phased return and thought I would do a couple of morning for 2 weeks and build it up as I can use my annual leave from last year of 28 days. I now learn that my department thinks I am going back 2 days a week and that the other lady who works with me they want to move her to another department to help out so that leaves me on my own and I am dreading it now. I was hoping just to shadow her for at least the first week. I know I can’t go straight in and start because I am sure I will have forgotten the computer system and the doctor I work for is very disorganised and doesn’t leave you alone. I don’t want to go back now but I have to for the money - like most of us.

Liz xxx