back to work

back to work

back to work hiya all hope you are all well! im halfway through my radiotherapy after having mastectomy on the 5th of feb and really cant wait to get back to work .its been 7 weeks since my op do you think its to soon to go back to work . im feeling fine but my partner is a bit unsure of me goin back cause my work does involve some lifting .any comments will be really appreciated thanks xxxxxxxxx

work hi ,i finished rads in feb as well i had mastectomy last oct, and i am still very tired ,and doctors say im not ready to go back as yet although the treatments are over for me mentally im still in a daze coming to terms with what has happened the last year ,so i would just go with how you feel both physically and mentally before you consider going back ,also as you lift heavy items your scar site will still be sensitive , go with what your doctor advises as we are all differant and cope with things differantly i wish you well with your recovery love lynn xx

thanks thanks lynn i really feel like im fighting fit n my doc said im ok so im raring to get back into things.normality really !so i think when ive finished my rads on the 12th of april im gunna go for it thanks again and good luck with your recovery xxxxx

steady! Good for you - raring to go is a good way to be! But before you promise a start date for work, bear in mind that many people carry on getting more tired for a couple of weeks after the radio has finished, as the body works hard to repair the deep damage done. This was my experience, and very annoying it was too, especially when everyone is saying how wonderful it must be to be finished treatment… which it was, but I still didn’t feel great!
I just started going back to work 4 weeks ago (about 7 weeks after radio), and am frustrated at how tired it makes me feel - I’m only working 2 days a week at the moment, and could do with a week off! Everyone is different though. Some work all through treatment. But I would recommend taking each day as it comes and, if you can, reserving the right to decide at fairly short notice when you feel fit for work.

I agree with Princess. In fact, I was told by my onc that the radiotherapy carries on working in your system for around 3 months after your last session! I finished mid-November, went back to work just 3 days a week in Feb and still feel absolutely exhausted…

But as we are all different, if you listen to your body and go with your doc’s advice, I don’t think you’ll go far wrong.

Good luck for the end of your treatment,