Back to work

Hi all

Any ladies out there that have returned or returning to work after COVID? I’m planning on going back to full time work next month for the first time since  being diagnosed with stage IV in Jan + lockdown! I’m hoping it will be good for me in many ways but feel a little apprehensive. Tolerating meds well - so I thought… why not while I feel good! Look forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Beebs,

I haven’t yet returned to work from diagnosis of secondaries (also in January this year).  However, I am also hopeful to go back next month.  I was chatting to my Oncologist, GP, Breast Care Nurse and Hospice Support about it to get different views. 

They were all fully supportive of me returning to work if I feel well enough to do so and so long as necessary precautions are being taken. 

That being said, I am on oral chemotherapy so my Oncologist did say that she can’t recommend I return to working in an office/communal space, even if Covid was no longer an issue.  However, I am very fortunate in that work have agreed that I can work from home full time and pop into the office as / when really needed.

I think if you are tolerating the meds and feeling well, go for it and enjoy getting out the house!  We’ll never know when we’ll be 100% Covid-free so we have to carry on living (albeit with adjustments).  I’m pretty sure its much better for our mental health to be doing something other than sitting at home worrying about what is outside our front door!

Hope your return to work goes well for you - keep us posted on how you find it! xxx