back under the knife

So after 4 days of not being able to move my arm because of the excruciating pain, I only had to try and lift it the tiniest bit and it felt like someone was trying to rip it off, I went back to the hospital (well the hubby made me) to be told they want to open the wound under my arm to take a look, so its back to theatre and another day away from my kids and being unable to hold my baby, this sucks!!! X

Awwww hun. Thats rubbish news. Hope they sort it all out for you and you can get home for baby snuggles. Hugs xx

Sorry its so late im just over the moon that ive been able to hold my baby to give him a feed, feel like a proper mum to him now x

Awwww thats great. Baby snuggles are the best. Take care xx