Bad Belly and woozy head

Sounds like a really bad punk rock band…wish it was. I have had such a bad belly since chemo last Friday and I am ever so woozy in my head. The room keeps spinning… told them about it today and it is just one of those things but oooh, ever so annoying don’t you know!

No point to this post but wanted to moan…so I did…LOL hee hee hee hee!

Moan away boo

I have a permanent bad belly - have to take laxatives because of anti depressants I am on - if I dont take them I dont go - and if I do take them I run like hell - its not bad when its during the day but the last 3 nights its been at 2am, 4am, and 7am - its just nae funny :frowning:

My head - well its just minced :):slight_smile:


Chemo brain really takes on a different meaning now…

It sure does - I was bad before but if I dont write things down I am done for - my friend txt me 2 days ago to say she couldnt meet me yesterday - good job cos I had arranged something else - oooops!!