bad day with arm

I don’t usually complain but I’m having a bad day with my lymphy arm.  When I had my surgery I was very frightened as I worried about pain and being hurt.  I thought it would be my breast that hurt, but I came round in agony because of my arm.  I developed lymphedema in the arm and it gets me down - the low level throbbing all the time, I’m always aware of the arm and today I had stabbing pains  in it - I just want to scream!




Have you seen anyone about the lymphoedema? A compression garment might be helpful - sorry if you already know this or have done this but it certainly helped me and at the moment my pain and swelling is quite well controlled. Is it possible that the pain could be cording?

You could also talk to BCN

Hope you get some releif soon.

Am also having problems with my arm which is very puffy. Have had numbness in my fingers for a week or two, is this connected with the lymphoedema? All of my lymph nodes were removed so I guess there aren’t any easy channels for the fluid to flow through. Am wearing my compression sleeve but not sure if it’s helping. Does anyone know of any exercises that help?