Bad Day

Hi everyone, i am new member i had a lumpectomy followed 2 weeks later the removal of all my lymph nodes last August 2017. This was followed by chemotherapy and radiopherapy which all ended the end of March 2018, i am now on Anastrazole. Yesterday i had a scan because i have been having  period pains though i have been through the menopause and it turned out to be fibroids and nothing sinister. Yesterday i was happy and detrmined to get on with life. Today i am back to feeling absolutely down and crap about the future. My mum died from secondary breast cancer and i can see no future other than i am going to die like her.

I am 56 yrs old and can’t imagine reaching retiremeny age.

I just need some words of wisdom and strength, the thing i most want is a hug from my mum which i can’t have. I have been on numerous courses  and joined groups since to help move on but i seem to be stuck in limbo where i can’t see any future.

Please help


Hi Sue

So sorry to read that you are struggling. I too am having a rough time this week and totally understand how you feel.

What I would say to you though is that it is still early days. You only finished your treatment a few months ago and it takes time to adjust. Also, the hormone therapy can play havoc with your emotions, so that may be worth discussing with your oncologist.

You are now c free, so that’s really good right?. Try to take one day at a time and enjoy the here and now.

Sending you a virtual hug and I hope you can receive hugs from family and friends xx