Bad news at every appointment

And all the test results aren’t even in yet. Hi everyone, I found this site while I was waiting for a diagnosis but unfortunately it was down when I received it. On Friday, April 13th an ultrasound found a tumour that a mammogram missed due to dense breast tissue. Then a biopsy confirmed that it was cancerous and IDC. That doctor’s appointment is one that I will never forget because even though I tried to prepare myself for the worst, it still hit me hard.
Then an appointment with a surgeon. He checked my ‘good’ breast and the affected breast, plus felt my lymph nodes. He said there were no lumps in my good breast and the lymph nodes were not swollen. Then he hit me with a new mass that seems to be around the tumour. From my measurements it must be huge (like an egg) because almost the whole top of my breast is hard and I can feel somewhat of an outline. He said that he will talk to the radiologist about it. Now I have to worry about the original tumour, plus this mass. Might I add that both are very painful and the big one was not picked up by mammo or ultrasound.

My one only hope was that the lymph nodes were not swollen so it may not have spread, but Dr. Google tells me that it’s possible for it to spread and not have swollen nodes.

So I’m waiting for another appointment to discuss chest X-Rays to see if it’s spread to the lungs, plus a blood test. I admire everyone who has been through this already because this waiting is going to cause me to have a heart attack! And from the size of the mass I’m almost expecting them to put me in a high stage. He said it’s probably been growing inside of me for years since I’ve had the pain for many years (always had breast checks).
So as I sit here, I think of all the things that could be symptoms of it spreading. All on my left side - the pain in the hip, large lump on my left inner thigh that just disappeared soon after it appeared, knee and elbow pains. I hope it’s just my brain working overtime, lol.

Now that I’ve written a book, I’ll quit now. If you don’t mind I’ll stick around here because I know of no one in real life going through this right now.

(Hope I put this in the right place).