Bad reconstruction results after preventavie double mastectomy-help to find good surgeon


I have been diagnosed with tripple negative cancer in 2010 (stage 1, , lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). Taking into consideration family history did a genetic test and was found BRCA positive.
Decided to go through preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. Carfully chosen my surgeon, who was well regarded, recommended by other surgeons etc.etc.
I found his approach risk taking and was not sure that I like it. After one year of 4 surgeries, I have ended up with the 2 breasts. which ara looking fine, but below to different woman. Left size C and round, right size A and different shape, 2.5cm hire then left and further away from center.
Went for the approintment to discuss further surgery and decided that to get second opinion. Lost all confidence in this type of surgeries. I simply do not understand how should I choose my next surgeon. I did everything by the book in the first place, and still have a very bad outcome.
Please recommend good surgeon.

Sorry to hear your story-Im in Scotland. If thats any good, private message me and Ill give you my surgeons name who is fantastic and very skilled

had my mastectomy and LD reconstruction in February- just had nipple recon and waiting for other breast to be lifted so at least something matches!. My surgeon is brilliant- very skilled but a bit mad!. Happy to recommend him if you pm me- Bristol area.

I had a single immediate recon and my surgeon did a good job of matching my existing breast. I am in Suffolk. PM me if that would help.
We are not allowed to name surgeons/consultants on here, hence the lack of direct answers.

Hi Mrsxyz. You don’t say what kind of recon you had…
I chose to have a prophylactic mx at the same time as my bc mx, with immediate DIEP recon. I’m really pleased with the outcome, and would happily recommend my ps - I’m Manchester area.


I only log in occasiopnally so eas wondering if you got anywhere with your enquiry re: surgeons?

I have had the worst so ended up consulting several others to get second opinions; I might be able to point you to someone good.

Best wishes

I was diagnosed with ILC in 2009. I had double mastectomy and now I am still trying reconstruction. I had 4 attempts but all went wrong and without a fully explanation, I was sent home. I made a complaint and I am still waiting to hear from them. My story was broadcasted by the local BBC News. They want to make my story National News, if I find more women in the same situation. If you are not happy and want to support me, please see the video/share it and contact me. Thank you.